an interview with Middle in which THERE ARE SPOILERS

What did you think of the movie?

I thought it was really great. I have a million comments on my videos. I've had 20,000 views in the last 12 hours.

Were you surprised by the ending?

I wasn't surprised by the ending, I filmed it.

So what you're saying is: you and dad saw them shoot the end of the movie? and you shot them shooting it?

Well, it wasn't the last scene in the movie, but it was the final moment.

What did you think about the way they shot it?

You know, I said, two years ago, that I don't like the way they shoot scary movies because I know, when I'm watching them, that there is a director and cameraman and crew behind the camera and fancy editing...but I thought if someone made a movie from the point of view of the average person it would be so much more moving because it wouldn't be epic-ly lit with dramatic music behind it, and the viewers would feel more personally involved with what was happening.

Dad said there's no soundtrack - no music...

...there's no soundtrack. Well, no music soundtrack.

And there's a thing at the end of the credits?

Yeah, there's a little noise at the very end of the credits, and someone recorded it with a cell phone or something, and if you play it backwards it's someone saying "it's still alive."

So you found the backwards recording thing at 2 this morning?


Going to see it again later?


Favorite part?

I don't know, there were a couple of really good parts -
the camera pans around to a girl bleeding out her eye and she says: I don't feel good.
And she gets taken away and she explodes.

What do ya mean? She explodes? Why?

Cause she got bit.

So, if you get bit you explode?
Is the monster scary?

It's 'something terrible.'
It's pretty frightening because it's really huge and rips the city a new one.

I'll tell YOU something scary - they didn't give the code at the end of that meeting last night.

Oh yeah?
The Star Trek trailer was pretty cool. Hundreds of guys building the enterprise.

People are saying that in the last scene you can see something in the water at Coney Island...but I don't know, it's a flashback scene. The whole movie is about Rob and his girlfriend getting back together....

Just like JJ said, Jaws isn't about the shark, it's about divorce.

The ending is really kind of sad...Rob is talking about what happened, the girlfriend has lost it, it's morning and there's air raid sirens and it's just really sad...

UG. You're making me cry.

Oh, the air raid sirens, and the explosions....

But the other great thing was, Rob's journey to go get his girlfriend, people can totally relate to - because he's gotta go get her after he hears her voicemail. I've saved my girlfriend from crap situations - I mean I didn't scale a skyscraper. And Rob's mom calls and he has to tell her that his brother is dead...

Wow - um, I think maybe you should go read your emails.
My readers thank you.


I see great things in Middle's future.
Eliane said…
An actor friend of mine was once interviewed on the set of a scary movie. The journalist asked him if he was scared playing in a scary movie. My friend made fun of the journalist. But then the lead actor got mad at him and told him to always confirm those type of questions.
Badger said…
Oh, yay! I can't wait to see it. I heart giant monsters SO MUCH, I can't even tell you.

And now I feel compelled to ask: Has Middle seen Blair Witch? The first one, I mean? With the handheld cameras?
Anonymous said…
BWP was the first thing I thought of when I saw the ad. Would Middle please "spoil" the meaning of the title for me? I'm curious, and not likely to see this before it's on DVD.

Poppy B. said…
Can't wait to see what? What are we talking about. Do I have to go through your archives?

Honestly, the things I DO for the INTERNET.
Unknown said…
The Boy also saw Cloverfield tonight. He just came home so I'm gonna get the whole story.
KPB said…
It is officially pathetic the number of people I have now had the following conversation with:

K: You know that movie coming out called Cloverfield?
Poor Unsuspecting Person: Yeah
K: A friend of mine's son filmed them filming it.
PUP: and
K: I don't know, I find that kinda cool.
PUP: (silence)
K: You know, in a six degrees kinda thing. They put their footage on YouTube and are all YouTubeFamous.
PUP: I guess. Who do you know in the US anyway.
K: Oh it's a blogging friend.
PUP: A what?
K: Someone's blog I read and they read mine and we email each other and have you know, become friends.
PUP: What's their name.
K: Blackbird.
PUP: What's their real name.
K: I don't know.
PUP: How can someone be a friend if you don't know their real name?
K: Well I don't know, we just are. Like her husband's a legend, she's got three boys that my boys seem to mirror and she and I seem to have similar tastes in things. So I figure even if we met each other and lived next door to each other for the following 20 years, I'd still call her Blackbird.
PUP: You're so weird. What's this blogging thing anyway.
K: nevermind

TRAGIC I tell you. TRAGIC.
RW said…
so funny -what kim said... people just don't get it....

my son is very much looking forward to seeing Cloverfield

I am too, in actual fact!