I'm bringing the SMALL suitcase this weekend

Mom: are you all packed and ready?

Me: no, I'm doing laundry... and I'm figuring out my outfits and I'm
wondering if I HAVE to bring my big winter coat.

Mom: well, what WOULD you wear?

Me: my Patagonia jacket. It's very tailored, and it's warm, and I
just feel like I've never brought a big coat on a plane and
I'm going to be doing a lot walking and getting in and out of cars
and I'm thinking my overcoat is just going to be annoying.

Mom: You're going to be doing a lot of walking?

Me: Yeah. I think.

Mom: In Chicago.

Me: YES.

Mom: The Windy City.

Me: ....

Mom: That's all I'm going to say.


Jess said…
Hee. Gotta love the Mom.
Anonymous said…
Chicago + January = winter coat (JMHO)
Julia said…
Big coats work out on airplanes better than expected. For us they wind up being pillows, blankets, or lining the top of the luggage rack. And if they have big pockets they are like having another carry-on. If it gets warm in the airport I just tuck mine over the top of the suitcase and roll away.
Birchsprite said…
Geggie said…
Yep...the big coat.
Alice said…
Big coat.

Don't just stop at the big coat!
If I were going to be in Chicago in January, I'd be packing the warmest stuff I own and even then I'd end up buying more once I got there.
Weekend forecast for Chicago is snow, snow mixed with rain, rain mixed with snow and maybe some more snow. Which means the temp will probably stay above freezing. This has been a weather report from your friendly neighborhood weather junkie.
Anonymous said…
There should be a coat-rental service at the airport. Anoraks, $5.99 for the weekend. Nice wool coats on special for $9.99/week (great for conference attendees). Long down coats with deep hoods for $2.99 a day...
blackbird said…
haus: THAT is brilliant.

Everyone else - I'm bringing THE BIG COAT. I just realized that the forecast for Chicago says the HIGH is 32. I had forgotten that that means there is a LOW.
Anonymous said…
Safe Traveling!

(you need a search bar damnit. Your travels reminds me your men will put out the flags which reminds me I need to finish finding those. hmmm...perhaps your flicker...)
Anonymous said…
And let's not forget windchill, the stuff that can make 32 feel more like 15.

(scarf is almost more important than big coat)
tut-tut said…
From the tone of your posts during BlogHer, I'm sure you'll have one swell time! Have a glass of champagne for me . . .
Unknown said…
It's not called the Windy City because of the weather, but because of the hot-air-blowing politicians in an earlier age. (Hmmm. Not much has changed here.)

What's BlogHer? And have a great weekend!
Paula said…
You must be there now.

Hope you have a ball and a safe trip home.