I want something I want

Oldest said that when he was a baby.
He wanted something to eat, of course, and we were having a hard time figuring out what.
For the past few days I've wanted something. I don't know what, but something.
Something spicy? Salty? Not sweet - I've tried that. It could be Sour Patch Kids
I haven't tried them, but I've tried all kinds of other things: chocolate, pretzels, Cool Ranch Doritos, and nothing has satisfied me.
To make matters worse, K has sent me pictures of his lunch, which looks yummy, and Middle has suggested pizza, which is not in the cards for tonight, and a READER has given me the address of a noodle place that I'm sure is delicious.
Meanwhile, I'm about to make pasta with veg.


islaygirl said…
omg, i have had that feeling ALL WEEK. i've been eating lots of crusty bread as a stopgap, but it's not working. i keep thinking "protein" and then i have a chop in front of me and i think 'apple pie.' and so on.

if you figure out what you want, tell us -- maybe it will work for me, too.
Sinda said…
Rae said…
Maybe you want a pickle. Or a cup of tea. Right now I want both, simultaneously.
BabelBabe said…
orange juice.
i have drunk a gallon of the stuff in the past three days.
Unknown said…
Popcorn with butter?
MizMell said…
I had a similar prob here of late. I want something with flavor... I had satisfied my cravings (temporarily) with Dove Dark Chocolate.
Joke said…

You want umami. (It makes crack look like decaf.)

Heard it hear first.

alice c said…
Roast chicken normally hits the spot.
islaygirl said…
joke - i kept thinking of umami! (which perversely i always translate in my head to "yo' mama."

bb -- was that it?