great moments in film, part I don't know

I used to work near where Veronica Cartwright lived. I saw her every day at lunch time when I went to get my sandwich or salad. Without fail, she would be on line in front of me or behind me, and, having seen this film in the not so distant past, a queasiness would come upon me. It was handy, though, I never bought any dessert.


Anonymous said…
By the time she did THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK she already had a 30 year + carreer. Does anybody remember her from THE BIRDS or LEAVE IT TO BEAVER? She's been in front of a TV or movie camera for over 50 years! Always turns in a great performance. Alien, Will & Grace...She's still one of my favorites.
Reminds me too much of the 9 months I spent with an infant with projectile vomiting.
I also was confusing Veronica with Angela and I didn't remember any squeam-inducing scenes in the Sound of Music.
Wow, Jack back before he became an old geezer...

I figured this would be the scene where Veronica Carthwright's character spits up all those cherries.
Amy A. said…
As a sympathetic puker, I know better than to watch this one.

Even thinking about it... Well, I won't go into it.
Poppy B. said…
Once more, I'm the only person in the world who hasn't seen this movie.

I knew it was Jack, but I wasn't sure it wasn't The Shining (another movie I haven't seen.)