good things right now

  1. Grape-nuts with bananas and milk.
  2. Swiss Miss Chocolate Bliss pudding cups.
  3. Eucerin.
  4. Uggs with leggings AND A DRESS.
  5. Out clicks.


MizMell said…
Have you tried the Grape Nuts Trail Mix Crunch? It's fabulous!
might I add...? said…
Sorry, I feel dumb, but what are "out clicks"?
Amen on #3.

Breakfast: cereal and bananas mixed into plain yogurt.
Nora :) said…
I also don't know what "out clicks" are, but I find myself wearing my Uggs a whole whole lot lately. I don't even really care how they look with things.
Rae said…
I think it means that lots of people clicked through to see Middle's Youtube videos?

Uggs are Australian, soft, and warm, and look rugged somehow, with a dress. What's not to love? You scored, on those ones, bb. I'm sure you rock them.
Poppy B. said…
Hey, I clicked on it. I watched it.

But I didn't really understand it.

Because I'm old and out of it. I felt so old and out of it that I spent the evening wrecking my left shoulder playing Guitar Hero on my son's Wii. (That blackbird procured for us in her guise of Santa's Best Elf.)

Next time I click through, I'll accept my Old and Out of It identity and spend the evening dusting my antimacassar collection, instead.
Julia said…
An out click usually means (in site meter parlance) the last link that a user clicked before she left the site.

Of course, I had to go look up what Eucerin was. How's that for having lived abroad too long?
Badger said…
I was okay until #4. Now I need to go lie down with a cold compress on my forehead.
KPB said…
So I had to look up 1,3 and 5; 2 makes sense and 4? Well at 4 I just don't know you anymore.
Pretty Things said…
Eucerin is the only way my skin makes it through the winter.
Suse said…
Sometimes it's like you're speaking another language.

And I do hope you're joking about wearing the uggs with a dress. Like, in PUBLIC. (Uggs are Australian, I know what I'm talking about).
Anonymous said…
You're the first that's made me want to try on a pair of Uggs.

You and our twenty below zero weather.

And Eucerin = happy.