the first random of 08


It's done. Done and put away.
On to the next.

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Olliebollen for New Years.

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Deep fried goodness.



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He could use some more.


Very skinny.

artichoke dip

Artichoke dip - not quite right. Too much mayonnaise? Not enough hot pepper? Something. We finished it anyway.

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My delicious Uggs watching television.

My most favorite vacation activity?

the awful truth

Watching The Awful Truth with Middle and Youngest. Very subtle, old-fashioned humor. We laughed our asses off. It's true. I no longer have an ass.


Coloring our hair was a close second.
Yes. We had Family Hair Color day.

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Can you tell which one is Middle's groovy hair color and which is mine? Those L'oreal packaging people aren't so stupid.

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Youngest has new hair too. He brought this illustration to our beloved hair stylist and she duplicated it perfectly. She is a genius. And he is adorable.


KPB said…
These posts just MAKE me want to be a part of your family even more.
Eliane said…
The family that colors together...

It's so cold in Virginia that I'm wishing I had some Uggs.
islaygirl said…
i'm so glad it was Irene Dunne month on TCM. I laughed my ass off, too. Not kidding.
Oh My!! Is that a real some-type-of-citrus tree growing in your living room?
It's beautiful. I just bought myself a baby lemon tree and a nice pot to plant it in but I keep forgetting to buy dirt.
Poppy B. said…
Lemon tree, very pretty. And the lemon flower is sweet.

I covet it.
Anonymous said…
What fun! Ollibollen look delicious. Is it something like a beignet?

Anonymous said…
I LOVE Cary Grant. Happy New Year Blackbird.

Anonymous said…
Your youngest and my younger are two of a kind -- same belt (assuming it was Youngest in the skinny-captioned photo) and same haircut.
Anonymous said…
Your family had the perfect day! Deep fried with a side of Cary Grant!
Nora :) said…
Your feet are wee!
Unknown said…
Oliebollen! Is there Dutch heritage in your family? My husband is from Amsterdam and was lamenting the fact that I don't make oliebollen for New Year's.
blackbird said…
K is Dutch...his grandparents came from Zeeland.
BabelBabe said…
are those olliebollen? we always called them doughnut hole thingeys. which did not make them any less delicious. but it's good to be informed.

i LOVE youngest's new hair. I COVET it.
Miz S said…
I like your curtains in that first picture. Did you make them, you clever girl?

Also, in the "very skinny" picture I thought that he was putting the Olliebollen down his pants. You know, for later.
Anonymous said…
no longer have an ass? i'm going to rent that movie RIGHT NOW.

oh, and i don't think i ever stopped by to tell you before, so: thanks for handing me that papertowel in the bathroom at blogher. it was much appreciated.
Mary said…
The dutch in me (I am half dutch) craves that olliebollen.

The big fat arse on me that should have been sat next to yours watching the laugh it off movie says NOOOOOOOOO.
Mary said…
does that read like I am saying you have a big fat arse too?

Because that is NOT what I meant.

I am mortified.
Flutterby said…
Peeking in from Poppy's links post... I must be doing it wrong. Because I laugh all the time and I STILL have some SERIOUS ass-age going on.
Alice said…
Can those deep fried goodness be mailed, as into CT? hint!
Oh, and can you let me know what your artichoke dip recipe is (once perfected of course) bec. I just need to make some...

Tell the boys not to worry, skinny boys are in right now.
Eliane said…
K is from Zeeland even! All of Michiels family is Zeeuws too, from Borssele.
This girl (on my father-in-law's weblog)isn't family, she couldn't be, her hat says she's a catholic, but we do have pictures of family members in traditional (protestant) gear:
Ellen Landrum said…
If I'm half as accepting and fun and warm with my kids when they are teenagers I'll consider it a victory. I know you leave the best parts here, but you really are such a great example, bb. I love your boys I've never seen.