He said it hurt a little.
But, by the time he showed it to me, nearly four hours later, it wasn't bothering him too much.
We iced it and taped it and arnica'd it - and it was still pretty swollen the next morning.
You're not surprised, are you?
It's YOUNGEST we are talking about. SO IT'S BROKEN. Very broken. Four weeks and we need to x-ray it again on monday BROKEN. We need to x-ray it again to make sure it doesn't need a PIN IN IT.

splint play

We have new toys.

<span class=

Middle wants to use these to get out of going to band.


K got these pliers for Christmas. They were very helpful.



I know what you're thinking. You are wondering why the Very Fancy Doctor Who Happens To Be The Team Doctor For A Very Famous Baseball Team didn't fashion a splint for the wee pinkie.


Well, he did. He made a temporary splint and sent us to a Very Fancy Orthotics Specialist for a special splint.

too many hands

But that splint never fit correctly and fell apart before we got home. And much time was wasted.

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So, K fixed him up. And then made wontons.

<span class=

The soup was fantastic.

We'll know more about the pinkie on Monday.

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Finally, to answer your last question: no, it's the other pinkie.


Pretty Things said…
MMMM, soup. The food at your house makes me jealous! :-)
Anonymous said…
K seems like a very handy fellow to have around.

Knock wood, we have made it through many years of parenting boys without a single broken bone - at least I think we have!
Unknown said…
You are a lucky woman to have K in your life!
jenny said…
aw, shit. well, at least he's smiling.

is it really that much longer than the other one or am I falling victim to an optical illusion?
Anonymous said…
Oh, OUCH! My sypmathies to Youngest. The soup does look like a yummy consolation, though.

Mary said…
As the mother of someone who has broken their pinkie - my sympathies to Youngest.

How DO you get so many photos into your posts - blogger won't let me.

Oh boy. The Principles of Uncertainty has turned up. Can't wait to sit in the quiet and just absorb. Thankyou dear BB for the headsup.
Anonymous said…
Are you sure it is broken? It looks s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d to me...
TheOneTrueSue said…
OW. Hope it heals quickly.
Birchsprite said…
Ooops! Hope it doesn't hurt too much and that a pin won't be neccesary!
KPB said…
Concern about youngest and his finger yada yada yada.

More importantly...
It takes quite the man to wear periwinkle blue...
And wield a set of plyers...
And make wonton soup.

Not that there ever was any doubt but that K really is quite the catch.
Hands that can create a splint to heal a wounded son AND then make a delicious meal are good hands indeed.
Anonymous said…
MY sad, sad life. I actually got EXCITED this morning when I saw we have the same cutting board. Love the bamboo. My youngest has a thigh injury from 10 hours of skiing Saturday but there are no splints involved. Just hot compresses and Mom is no longer allowed ANY where near there.
Anonymous said…
poor youngest. hope he will still be able to carry his newly acquired bookbag!
So sorry about the finger-again.

I want to know more about this stuff called Arnica.
Anonymous said…
I don't know—seems like youngest is scaling back.

2007: emergency surgery.
2008: broken pinkie.

A trend in the right direction! May it continue...
Was Youngest a cat in a previous life? He seems to have nine lives.

The wonton soup looks pretty amazing.
Saoirse said…
So MANY questions have come to mind!

#1 How is he feeling NOW?
#2 Is K a master of ALL tasks?
#3 What is the OTHER ring K is wearing--not the wedding ring but the OTHER one?
#4 wontons? WHEN IS that cookbook coming out?
#5 do you fall gently to sleep or do you just PASS OUT at night? Your days are exhausting to me and I consider myself a busy person!

Not a question, but a comment: I LOVE your blog!
Nora :) said…
Poor Youngest. Poor pinkie. Does it hurt much today? And it really does look stretched. I puzzled over the first picture for a long time.
Anonymous said…
My youngest broke her pinkie a few months ago. She's all better now.
BabelBabe said…
i thought perhaps K was fashioning a cast out of wonton skins. Multitalented man.
Badger said…

Do they sell finger splints in bulk now? Like, you can get a whole hand's worth at CostCo?
Alice said…
Oh man, those boys!

You MADE wontons? Recipe please!
alice c said…
Painful? It looks like it.

Rugby causes a lot of similar injuries and I know that children's bones heal very quickly - especially little finger bones that don't bear weight. So keep feeding him the calcium.
Paula said…
Hoping for good news with the pinkie...