25 things of which I never grow tired

It's going around.

1. Candles.

2. 4 x 6 blank index cards.

3. Carmex.

4. A warm scarf around my neck.

5. Black shoes.

6. Beaches.

7. Goat cheese.

8. Olives.

9. The scent of Youngest's hair.

10. Snow.

11. Flannel sheets.

12. Tea.

13. Wine at 5.

14. Number 1 pencils.

15. Browsing.

16. Hot water.

17. Salad made by other people.

18. Rooms that change color with the daylight.

19. Nicknames.

20. Watching old couples dance at weddings.

21. Pink light bulbs.

22. Gum.

23. Lettuce.

24. Lotion.

25. Pumicing my feet.


Jess said…
I am tucking this away for later, bb - what a great list!
Nora :) said…
I saw this on Schmutzie's blog and stole it, too. I like yours.
Very fun.

About #9: Awwwww...
Anonymous said…
SO with you one the smell of Youngest's hair and foot stuff! I also REALLY loved when they were little and got that totally milk drunk look after nursing. That shit eating baby grin was the best!! Happy New Year to the bunch of you and another year of blog reading.
RW said…
some good things on your list. I too, never tire of salad made by others.
Amy A. said…
I love 4x6 blank index cards, too. So versatile.

I might steal this one, too.
Elan Morgan said…
I discovered my love of goat cheese in 2007 and will order just about anything on a menu that has it.
Joke said…
Is pumicing a verb?

tut-tut said…
A little poem . . .
Alice said…
At first I thought it was wine at 5yrs old, but now, I get it...
Do explain the number 1 pencils, I always use number 2s, maybe it's the school girl in me...
Pink light bulbs, where?

A lovely list, I think I will steal it...
Anonymous said…
I really enjoy pumicing your feet too. With goat cheese. And lettuce.

Me too, totally stealing it. I will give you credit.
Mary said…
Love daylight moving through rooms.

And old people dancing at weddings. If I can see them through my tear filled eyes.

I'm soppy like that.
Rae said…
The most surprising- pink light bulbs.

And salad made by other people! Genius! I don't think I would have come to the point of self-enlightenment of knowing this is something I love, without this list.

(I especially love it when the person is neurotic and they chop everything up super small.)
beachbungalow8 said…
why is it that other people's salad tastes so much better? and sandwiches too.
Stacey said…
Fantastic list!
I'm with Mary about old people dancing at weddings. Makes me misty just thinking about it.
My grandparents used to hold hands when they walked down the street. So lovely. I hope I'm still holding my husband's hand after 60 years of marriage...
Anonymous said…
Get the heck out of my brain.

We're the same for Numbers 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 12, 13 (only at 4), 15 (drives S. nuts), 16, 17 (isn't it a luxury?), 18 (which is why my bedroom has windows on three sides), 20 (I tear up every time).

My little sister did the same list. I'll try my hand at it as well, and do my darndest not to repeat items on yours. It'll be good for me to look for more things that delight me.