works. in. progress.


When the painting fell off the mantle and smashed the candlesticks I was reduced to re-thinking the holiday decor.

mantle close

One can no longer get a position in Anthropologie's design department without a degree in design and a portfolio, so don't bother telling me how good I am.

<span class=

The game-plan, meal-wise.


Figuring the chords. At nine in the morning. IN AN OUTFIT WORTHY OF DISCUSSION.


Chocolate and salt.

the dipping

And crushed peppermint.

mitts and <span class=

Apron and oven mitts - my outfit for the day. NOT SLIMMING.


Three kinds of cookies.


Now made with raw cane sugar.


Waiting to be wrapped.





Birchsprite said…
May you and yours have a very Merry and Peace filled Christmas and New Year!
Bobby D. said…
This post really was great with my coffee this morning-- except for my being in a cookie-less state-- It told a story and I loved the word decor, and the guitar player's pants.
KPB said…
The mantle looks just lovely. The words made me stop and ponder.

And the packages are great! I love the way you did the tags. Inspiration for next year...
tut-tut said…
Merry Christmas, bb, and Happy New Year, too. Looking forward to reading all about it next year, too.

What book are you giving out to everyone? You have a pile there awaiting wrapping . . .
Anonymous said…
when i see that picture of oldest, i think of the scene in L&D. she says' He'll go and he'll fight, and I hope they will put him in the front lines' and he says ' my mother folks, my mother!'

and again I think of oldest and think...'ladies and gentleman, my godson. thankyou!'

Paula said…
I'm thinking what Kim is thinking.
Anonymous said…
I LOVE your pictures.
1. The Mantle is amazing.I'll be drawing a pic of it in my sketchbook.
2. The Sunday list. Tin foil. Chip things. Are there stuffed mushrooms happening?
3. Guitar man. Looks like a lot of layers of clothes. Cold up there in Tuvalu? Are the acoustics good in there? Hubby plays a Fender Srat, but not in the bathroom.
I meant to say Fender Strat. Doh!
Poppy B. said…
Hey, I'm not saying a word about his outfit. He's already giving me the finger. I don't need any more hostility.

However, I will say this: Nice tits.

I meant the cookies.
Unknown said…
Happy Holidays. Beautiful Mantle. I like the way you wrap gifts. Cheers!
molly said…
This post makes me miss home! Enjoy the holidays with your family, Blackbird!
Anonymous said…
(That was me. Blogger commenting is so confusing now!)
Amy A. said…
I thought those cookies were rather bosom-y looking myself.

Merry Christmas, bb! Your home looks lovely. Anthropologie would be crazy not to snap you right up.
alice c said…
Move over Martha...there is a new kid on the block and she does decor, she bakes, she wraps.
Anonymous said…
Most of all I loved K's shot...but of course all others are so cute too.
Joke said…
Um, what ARE those oven mitts doing?

Anonymous said…
You are so busy! I don't know how you do it all. I suspect it's all in the organization.

Wishing the bb family the very best Christmas.
Anonymous said…
I think it is beautiful! Really.
TheOneTrueSue said…
I swear your life is like a catalog. All pretty and elegant and stuff. Well, except for Middle's outfit.
Badger said…
So, we wear ALMOST the same bra size, but I am like two feet taller than you apparently, so I have only just realized the handicap such bountiful gazongas create for you. Really, there oughta be a telethon. You could use the money to buy bras, because bras in our size ain't cheap, yo.

Is it weird that I knew that was Oldest mostly because of his hands?
Rose said…
Merry Christmas! Just found your blog via iguana banana. Looking forward to reading more!
Mary said…
Gotta love another listmaking woman.

That photo of the sun shining on the table with the unwrapped gifts?

Miz S said…
You ARE a busy little busty woman, aren't you?
Susie Sunshine said…
How I love peeks into the Blackbird household!
~ej said…
lol, love the outfit..and the pretzels, YUM!! :)
Alice said…
Better then anthro any day.