Who wouldn't love a pony?

Now we can ALL have ponies.
We saw this, um, toy at Target last week.
It's gigantic - the size of an actual small pony, or maybe a baby pony. Are baby ponies called something? I don't know.
It had soft lips and we fed it a plastic carrot.

It's a PONY

It was quite surreal and made robot-y noises when it moved.

It would be hysterically funny to give as a gift - all wrapped in a big box.
Unfortunately it was far too expensive to be a good joke.

We drove a Jeep yesterday and we liked it a lot.
Anyone who wants my car reviews should email me - it's boring stuff if you aren't in the market for a car...
In related news, K's car keys are missing. As is the scarf I knitted for him a few years ago. The scarf has only sentimental value but the keys are $475 to replace. If you've seen them drop me a line.
Don't give it too much thought.
Here. Have some Middle goodness.


I know. Looks like a rock and roll snarl, right? But it's not. I said something ridiculous to him and this was his response.

<span class=

Hmm. Grainy enough? He's got a definite Zach Braff thing going on.

Oh Middle.
Middle who has fallen to the virus in my house.
Opening the windows
changing sheets
throwing out toothbrushes

Sounds like fun.


Jess said…
bb - (Right hand to God)

They ship them in pieces. Two, actually. The body, and the head.

Amazon used to have a warning not to open the box if your children might be traumatized by a decapitated horse.

Here, she said it better:
Anonymous said…
Tell Middle I'll start partying for him 6 hours in advance, he he he...
I checked everywhere, but couldn't find the keys.
And I agree, something about Zach Braff is definitely there.
Anonymous said…
Oh my, poor Middle. You have to love him, rock star snarl and all. Middles are so special, caught between old and young...
Annagrace said…
oh, the risks of december birthdays: viruses, your friends all out of town for the holidays, people using Xmas wrap on your presents... I know this all too well.
Wendy said…
I'm completely avoiding the toy sections of Target and Walmart when I'm out with the girls because of that thing. Trixie would lose her mind. And they have an indulgent uncle who would oblige them. They cannot know it even exists.
Unknown said…
I had a jeep so I am familiar. That was the 4wd suv that turned me to stationwagons (it was an old model that flipped up on two wheels when i hit ice). But what did you like about it (you had mentioned before that 4wd vehicles are safer...). I recognize Middles expression. My son has one of those that he uses often in response to things I say.
Barbra said…
That robot horse is on my list of "topics once I start my public blog!" That thing is EVIL! I am so mad that they have working samples in all the toy/department stores. What an evil marketing scheme that is. You are so glad you have teen boys right now! My girls have actually asked me for a $300 robot horse. There is absolutely no way I am getting them some kind of spoiled-rich-kid toy like that, no matter what the price tag. That thing makes my blood boil.
Moving on to something positive!!! Hooray for Middle! Have a great birthday! I love it when you write about your kids. They are such cool people.
sara said…
Actually, one of my coworkers got that thing for her grandkid.

And daysgoby is right -- it DID come with a warning about the head being packed separately.

I made no snarky editorial comment when I was breathlessly advised of how magnificent it was...at least, not out loud.
Caterina said…
My niece and nephew have that TARGET pony. My lil' man will most likely inherit it. My husband thinks it is absolutely hilarious.
mckie2 said…
Please don't get a Jeep or at least make sure they have a nice waiting room or loaners.
BabelBabe said…
i saw that horse just today while Christmas shopping! i had to stop myself from checking if it pooped....now i wish i hadn't!
Anonymous said…
My little sister had a Jeep Wrangler, brand spanky new, that she had to sell when she started having babies.

She has stopped having babies, and she tells me that it's because she really wants that damn jeep back.

puerileuwaite said…
I LOVE my new 2007 Jeep Wrangler (2-door soft-top). It's my favorite vehicle of the many I have owned. I traded in my Volvo C70 convertible (which started to act up after only 75,000 miles) for it. I am now a Jeep Pug!
Jennifer said…
My kids sat for like 15 minutes just enthrawled with that pony. You should have seen the looks on their faces when it moved and made noise. You'd think it was a real live puppy!