unexpected gifts

I'm in love with Labour and Wait.
Here are some things you might not think of as gifts but which I know I would appreciate. Maybe someone in your life would like them too...

coffee pot

I'd never thought of giving one of these coffee pots to someone, and I know people tend to have their own personal coffee favorites. But with a pound of ground coffee it could be a lovely gift.

pencil sharpener

An old Bakelite looking pencil sharpener is NOT a silly gift! You could give me, or someone else, one with a bundle of brand new yellow pencils and a notebook.

linen dish cloths

These look so so so wonderful. With some schmancy dish soap! Around a bottle of wine!
I would hang them in my kitchen window. I do that with gorgeous dish towels.

The world does not need robotic ponies. The world needs more Petit Colin dolls.
Give one to an adult. I'd put him on the mantel.

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Don't you love his rosy cheeks?

camera kit

I still want to order this pin-hole camera kit for each of my boys. Pin-hole photography is fun and amazing to see.
Alas, L and W do not ship to Tuvalu.


A monkey's fist knot doorstop. I don't need a doorstop, but this is a beautiful object. Two of them could serve as bookends. One could be a weapon, or a paperweight, or, I suppose, a doorstop.


A small thing, really, but for those who appreciate incense, this is some of the very best. It has an old-world scent that will transport you to the hotel in New Hampshire where your parents brought you when you were little.

twine holder

Yes, people purchase twine when they need it. But people never purchase handcrafted TWINE HOLDERS. Now you can.

There are loads of other mundane SOUNDING but not mundane LOOKING objects at Labour and Wait and I only WISH they were paying me to mention them.
It's the story of my life, Labouring. And Waiting.


Paula said…
How cool is their website?!

So many lovely things...
marian said…
What a great web site! Thanks for that...
Badger said…
I just found gifts for pretty much everyone on my list. But they probably don't ship to Texas either.
Geggie said…
I asked for an espresso pot and a bottle of Sambuca for Christmas this year. And I love all things Bakelite.
Christy said…
When I was in sixth grade, I made a pinhole camera from a crayon box. Thanks for reminding me of that happy memory.
jenny said…
I have just fallen in love with the pencil sharpener.
BabelBabe said…
I have been coveting an espresso pot just like for that for years, but never buy myself one. So yes, it would be a perfect present. Creepy Colin, not so much.
Donna said…
What gorgeous things! I too could complete my holiday shopping from this one store. Thanks for sharing.
BOSSY said…
Is it Bossy or is that twine a little Phallic? It is Bossy, isn't it?
Mary said…
I'll have the coffee pot and incense thanks.

No I mean it - thank you.
Caterina said…
My Aunt Emily would love this! She likes things like that doll and incense. You seem to have similar taste, you & my Aunt Emily :)
Caterina said…
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Anonymous said…
Pooey! Such gorgeous things, and apparently they don't deliver to the US either. ;)

KPB said…
Oh delicious.

And I would deeply appreciate that incense as I love that sort of thing but never ever buy it for myself.
Wendy said…
How do you find such lovely things?
Heather said…
do you want to have your package sent to my mother? She would be glad to ship it to you.

... seriously.
robiewankenobie said…
do you have the stovetop espresso maker? if not, i'd be happy to send you mine. 'tis lovely, but i'm upgrading to one with a frother.
great ideas
I love
the idea of giving pencils and sharpener
I love the unfoldings of possiblitly
might I add...? said…
hi bb!!

love your list...
I used to travel everywhere with the stove-top espresso maker. An Italian friend of mine (oooh, I need to email her) introduced me to them maybe 15 years ago, and my other friends in Europe would laugh at me when I would come to visit with my own coffeepot and coffee, but hey, you never know what you're going to get when you travel, you know?

such lovely items! I wish the people I knew would give (and be interested in receiving) sweet simple gifts like these. Maybe they are; maybe I should try it....

I've missed reading your posts every day, but there just hasn't been time in my schedule :-(
I'll be making up for it today (hope you don't mind multiple comments, as I've been saving them up in my head whenever I've had a few moments to read a post or two)