those airport posts don't write themselves

Slumping up to our bedroom at a ridiculously early hour the other night (we abandoned the living room at 7:15 so that Youngest could use the wii) I happened to mention that I didn't have any posts waiting in draft for the upcoming week.

I'm thinking you need some emotional content in your blog right about now, said my beloved K.
I mean, the peppermint bark post is fine, but you need something with some depth, he continued.

And that, my friends, is when I reminded him that it's not all peppermint bark around here.
The thing is, it's been one hell of a year out here in Tuvalu. I'm not going into the details, but I think we all must realize that I will be very happy to use the arbitrary date of January first as a fresh start.
I'd like to not have the worry of work hanging over my husband.
I'd like to keep Youngest stable and happy.
I'm planning on diving head first into researching the best university for Middle, and I'll need to keep my wits about me while Oldest works toward being independent again.

So, there you are. A list of goals for the new year.

I'm also researching recipes for home made peppermint bark.
Because, sometimes, it is all peppermint bark around here.


Joke said…
First things first. You need a recipe for homemade peppermint.


P.S. Come to think of it, I do too.
Carol said…
I'm so proud of you for venturing into this area! and to K - for suggesting it.
Jennifer said…
I never realized before how much I actually think about the year ahead.

Best Wishes to you all in 2008
Amy A. said…
I'm ready to kiss 2007 goodbye, too.

Here's to fresh starts!
MizMell said…
Fresh starts, indeed!

I'll need to spend the next day or so composing my lists for '08. And we don't have very long to put another year to bed.
Wendy said…
I've already been starting lists of goals for '08. Not resolutions really, just things I'd like to see happen. Bring on the new year!
Anonymous said…
I completely agree. Sometimes peppermint bark is all you need.
Paula said…
A fresh start indeed. A quiet start over here, don't want to draw any unnecessary attention this way.

Here's to a good and queit year all around dear bb...
alice c said…
I hope that all those good things come to pass and that in the middle of all that Being There for other people you find a moment or two for yourself.
Miz S said…
I don't like it when Josh makes suggestion about my blog content. Maybe you are nicer than me. More tolerant.

You have had quite a year. 2008 will be The Year of No Bad Surprises, I feel it in my bones.
Stephanie said…
Peppermint bark is easy and there are lots of good recipes out there.

Your husband is sweet to care about your blog...he must realize its' value.


p.s. sorry but the hat post is way over my head. (har har har) :)
Anonymous said…
Gosh, I think your blog has quite a bit of emotional content! If it didn't, it wouldn't resonante with so many people. DH clearly does care about your blog, but...telling someone what to blog about is much like telling someone what to write in her diary.

Alice said…
Tell K that he now just can't have any of the home made peppermint bark... his portion is being sent to Alice.
If he asks tell him something emotional! hehe
Unknown said…
Talk about serendipity, guess what I was munching on when I read this post? My homemade peppermint bark.

It's incredibly easy to make. It should take almost no effort and little time, but one hint is to buy the alcohol free peppermint flavoring from Trader Joes. It does make a difference!

Should I send you some?

Many of your desires for the new year are similar to mine. We've actually had a terrible year too, so I'm gonna drink to us BOTH having a better, more prosperous, healthier year. Cheers!
Peppermint Bark is soooo easy, my sis and I made 3 cookie-sheets full in about 20 minutes and made little gifts bags for all the other nurses on her shift at the hospital.
Ginnie said…
All the best, bb, for all good things in '08! And I think your blog has beautiful balance.