Survivor, or, where the HECK were you?

Did you even notice that I didn't post on Survivor last week?
Are you all so immersed in your holiday rush that you lost track of the show?
Or, were you at your youngest child's winter concert with your ears completely stopped up and your head throbbing I'm only asking. (I punctuate as I speak.)

Feeling about 15% better, I sat with K to watch Survivor last night. Our house is swathed in ice.
My mom decided to stay at her end of town, which was handy, as she was there to receive our Christmas Gift Of Meat.

I saw the last half of the show last week and knew that PG had immunity and that Eric had taken a spot on the jury. But, I see, during the recap, that I missed the "treasured time competing with family members" segment and would have been intrigued with that - oh well.

Apparently Denise, Todd and Amanda have gotten tight. PG and Eric tried to vote 'Todd the Mastermind' out and I can't read my handwriting about what happened next.
It's been 33 days and there are 5 survivors remaining.

Day 34.
PG feels like an outsider.
She brings the team news of a reward challenge.
Todd says he's hoping he's 'skilled and popular.' I know he is one, not sure of the other.
The team must shoot arrows with a crossbow at people's names. The winner is the person with the most arrows in their target, and will fly to the Great Wall for dinner and a sleep over.
It's harder than it looks and Courtney does well but Denise wins.
She chooses to take Courtney to the dinner and then Todd.
PG got very upset and babbled about being left out of everything.

During the commercial break K and I discuss the merits of the Whopper. Is it smaller than it used to be? Isn't the Big Mac better? I haven't had either in many years but could go for one right this MINUTE.

PG and Amanda head back to camp. PG overheard Denise say she wasn't bringing her on the reward because she doesn't want her stronger. PG is like a big ship, slowly sinking in the China sea. I am bad with the metaphors.
Amanda is weepy - she feels left out too.
She confronts PG, asks her why she's never liked her. PG starts explaining and they seem to bond over the word LIKE a lot.
They talk.
They find pears and limes.
They eat all the rice.
They bond.

On the private jet, screaming toward the Great Wall, Denise, Courtney and Todd are living it up. As always, Denise is holding herself in reserve.
The Wall is impressive, but the meal confuses them. (wtf?) They don't know what any of the food is, and it's raw and they have to cook it themselves and they do their very best to make Americans look like bumbling idiot tourists.
Todd debates voting off Amanda. Denise is wary.

When they get back to camp PG and Amanda are gone.
They play down the food, complain about it but PG doesn't buy it. Amanda is irritated about their ungrateful attitudes.

Denise is compassionate and makes a pact with Amanda.

Day 36 brings news of a challenge.
It's one of those challenges in which each step is a bit from a previous challenge. Throwing stars, eating a baby bird, that kind of thing.
Todd is out first.
Denise stumbles mightily on the baby bird.
It comes down to PG and Amanda but Amanda wins.
(While the editors give us more face time with PG I find that I'm liking Amanda now.)

PG thinks she can swing the vote. Maybe Todd should go. Maybe it could be all women - I like this plan.
Todd complains that PG and Amanda have eaten all the rice.
Amanda wants him out.
PG wants him out.
Denise is torn.

Todd is feeling pretty comfortable about the vote but "big ups to them if they figure it out and get rid of" him.

At tribal Courtney complains a lot and grimaces when people speak. I'd like to slap her face.
WHY IS SHE STILL THERE. If she wins I'll spit.
I want Todd voted off too now - but it's not to be and PG goes.

Sunday is the finale.
I suspect Todd will win - save for the fact that the jury doesn't like him. He's played well.



Badger said…
I noticed last week! You would have loved Courtney's dad. I'm not kidding.

I hate everyone left except Amanda, and it turns out she voted for PG so I'm not crazy about her right now either. Not that I liked PG, but I thought voting out Todd was an awesome plan.

I liked Denise at first but now she bugs the hell out of me.

If either Courtney or Todd wins I'll be pissed.

Right now my money is on John Robert being the biggest douche at the jury portion of the finale.
Anonymous said…
Actually, last night I was at eldest's concert. It was lovely (however: nobody but Aretha Franklin should ever try to sing Aretha's songs).
Defunct Lisa said…
yes, you would have liked Courtney's very British dad who wore pants and not shorts "because I'm that British".

You left out the weirdest part of last night... Before they started the reward challenge, they each had to GIVE their arrows to another person... And Courtney ended up with the MOST. How did THAT happen!!? We were thinking maybe everyone thought she would hit targets all over the place (which she did) and they would all have an equal chance of winning.
Wendy said…
I noticed that you didn't post about it last week too. I was wondering if you were as confused as I was when they introduced Denise's husband. And Courtney's dad really was awesome. I loved the look on his face when he found out he had to compete.
Amy A. said…
I really dislike Courtney. I have liked this bunch of characters less than any previous seasons. Doesn't stop me from watching, though!