Oldest is enjoying coconut ices from the Honduran shop.
Actually, he loves most of the food they sell there - but right now the ices are his favorites.
They come packaged in half of a plastic coconut shell and he usually eats two at sitting.
For a while we wondered what to do with the empty shells, but then Youngest came up with some ideas...


We can trick people into thinking the ottoman has grown breasts.


They make perfect clip-clop horse noises.

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Have you seen this J Crew sweater?
How perfect is it for me?

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Although I am not built like an ironing board...

sleeve detail

There is the secondary detail which intrigued me.

I tried it on in the mall and I have to say a few things:
1. That is not an easy color to work with.
2. I do not need a cardigan with a picture of a map of Italy on it.
3. K bought me some pretty things instead. Including this dress -


Princess Leia hair/ear muffs.

princess <span class=

I don't know where I saw this -


but I have quite a few of those old suitcases and could stack them like that.
They might look nice where the bench is now, and we need to move the bench at Christmas time because we use it at the table.



Goggles which have been blacked out.


These bags are made from recycled blankets.
I could do that and wouldn't mind having one of those bags - 57Sterling.
I've spent an hour on line looking for the handles, which have a hinge, without success.


My craftiness has been thwarted again.

oxygen mask

Oxygen mask?

Picture 1

I have two little chairs like these. In red.
Decor idea from I know not where...

knee pads

Knee and elbow pads.

Picture 2

This photo - of an interesting holiday thing to do with jars, WAS NOT TAKEN BY ME.
And this is what happens to me...(cue dream music)...I'm hopping from blog to blog, I find myself in completely unfamiliar territory. One blog mentions another and how pretty it is...
I take a screen shot of the pretty jars...I click to the next blog to see the blog of the pretty jars and it is something completely different (though probably still decor related) and I browse there for a while. I click to another link which I find intriguing and half an hour later I have a picture on my desktop of these damn jars. Pretty aren't they?
I'm not a thief, just stupid...

My day:

Post office (I SWEARTOGOD)
Tiffany (OHMYGOD)
Drive a Chevy.

Tra la.


Badger said…
I vote for staging your own production of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
KPB said…
I concur that a cardigan in chartreuse with a map of Italy on it is not something needed in anyone's wardrobe.

I find the very notion of a Honduran shop to be compelling. I reckon there'd be less that five people in Australia who could claim Honduran heritage. Five I tell ya.

See those jars to me just say dust. Dust collectors. In my many travails today at different shops looking for Christmas decorations to start our own tradition (since living with mum we've just raided the Christmas decorations that I grew up with) I kept ogling all these various trinkets and knick-knacks and other little pieces of dainty-nothingness and all the while thinking - where would I put it and it won't look that pretty with an inch of dust on it. I guess at least I'm aware of my limitations.

I am loving those handbags, particularly the one in green. It was only today (again, because I was in the retail zone babbee) that I was thinking about the woman who lives locally and makes bags, laptop bags and satchels from old billboard canvases. And now the old blanket bags.

Clearly my problem is not that I am a craft luddite, it's just that I'm not crazy enough to look at this crappe and see dollar signs.
Jess said…
I love the suitcases.
And Youngests' sparkly eye.
Geggie said…
In theory I like the sweater, not so much in practice.

I'm most excited about your trip to Tiffany...will you share?
Tiffany? Por quoi?

I love the suitcases...
BabelBabe said…
when i was in high school, lo these many years ago, Bermuda bags were all the rage. Start here maybe:

also, dear, I adore you but you would probably lose a quarter of Italy in your, um, normal, un-ironing-board-like cleavage. When I was in college, I hung out at a fraternity called Phi Kappa Theta. And there was one little sister who was so very well-endowed that the house joke was that, when she wore letters, she "de-Kappa-tated."

Am I being too rude? I'm sorry. Have fun at Tiffany!
Amy A. said…
Love your new dress!

If you drill holes in the plastic coconuts you could string them like garland! A palm tree with twinkle lights would complete the theme.
Poppy B. said…
Do not buy Bermuda Bag handles, whatever you do. I have a bushel of them. I'll send some.
Paula said…

I'm feeling a bit Tra-la myself these days!
You've seen my "what's in my purse" blog. I would need 6 of those cute little bags to haul all my stuff around.
Those coconut shells could be part of a Halloween Hula Girl costume.
RW said…
Oh. Lunches. I am on the countdown. 2 weeks and 4 days. 14 more days of lunches.
jenny said…
I'm with you on the lunches.

Thirteen days for us.

That girl with the Sweater of Italy? I just want to tug on her sleeves.
Anonymous said…
I'm where you are with the lunches.

You posted a sweater here a few months back from Anthropologie. I saw it, loved it, and had to have it. You probably don't remember the sweater but it's beige, has leather florette-type buttons down the back, has two pockets in front and is kind of smock-y. I found and pre-ordered it online. I had to wait forever. The sweater arrived and is very cute on me (since I am not well-endowed up top) but no one in my family likes it but my mother, which happens to be good enough for me.

I still don't see the sweater in the store and I wouldn't have looked at the site had you not posted the picture. Thanks.

Nora :) said…
Oooh, Apple. Hopefully the laptop has been resurrected. And the JCrew dress? I have been on the fence about it for myself for weeks and now that you've got it AND it's on sale, I got it for myself. Stupid J Crack.
Pretty Things said…
I love the couch boobs! I guess they could be buns, too.....
Anonymous said…
I wanted the sweater (I like maps) until I went to the JCrew website.

The good news: they have a red one of France and a grey one of England.

The bad news: $125 wool/cashmere.
Stephanie said…
haha, ottoman breasts. :)
YetAgainJen said…
Yup--sweater gal's sleeves are too short. I'm sure the sweater would look much better on you--Italy does have mountains, after all. :)

Mary said…
Youngest has the hands of a piano player.

Caterina said…
Hahahaha....ottoman with breasts...hahahaha. I'm so silly :P
Alice said…
I also was initially intrigued by that sweater but deemed it too much in the end...

Oh, can I borrow those coconuts to stuff my bra, could youngest part with them?