Monday morning randomness

First order of business. Middle's girlfriend, S, really liked her gift and truly appreciated the wrapping. She was a delight to behold.
Middle was equally impressed with the outpouring of birthday wishes - we are so grateful for our friends here in the ether.

Now, for the random.

Celtic Woman.

It's the way they stand.
It's the dresses.
It "makes my neck itch."


Notes to me:
Next year, put the lighter down.
Move the bottle of tea.

It's always good when the internet confirms that my child -

(my child)

is not the only wacko in the world.

(someone else's child)



Remember my Dosa post? No. I'm not linking. Lazy.
Anyway, yesterday I saw a woman with this coat on -

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I can't begin to tell you how gorgeous it was. It was so light and fluid-y looking.
Yeah. Fluid-y is a Tuvaluan word.

Hey, did you know that Giardia De Laurentiis is pregnant? I didn't even know how many i's were in her name.

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Here she is in a cute outfit. Nice shoes.

I'm going out on a high note -

talk amongst yourselves.


KPB said…
My stomach fell out my shoes when I saw that pic of K and Youngest.

Out my shoes.

Giardia is the name of a gastro-like virus you can get if the water you're drinking has been tainted by an algal bloom.

She's like a Bratz doll but alive.

I'm going back to see what YouTube items you've posted.

I'm not really happy about that coat, but I totally get the 'it looks better on' reality of many of these things.

As you were.
Badger said…
Wait a minute. YOUNGEST IS SHAVING?!

Youngest, who is only a year or two older than my boy?

I need to go lie down.
Saoirse said…
You know, I AM a celtic woman. But that: that's not me.
I LOVE that coat!!!! I must have it. (Well, probably I'll only fantasize about having it.)

I the photo of the shaving men is TOO DAMN PRECIOUS.

As for the Celtic women: I loathe those foul saccharine dresses, but think they must be necessary, as those women's arms are clearly wired to their hips in order to keep them from moving.
Anonymous said…
Nooooooooo. Youngest shaving! Aiuto!
So Giada (which is Jade) de Laurentiis is THAT famous in the US?
See why I have to move? We could start our own TV show and it would be a darn fine one.
And Middle girlfriend should know she's a lucky girl to have met him and YOU.
I thought Cape Cod Kid and Sorority Girl had big interesting tattoos. That's an interesting biggie (on Oldest, I assume?)
Is GDL's head too big for her body?
Aren't the Celtic Women a little too old to be rockin' the look-alike prom dresses?
Geggie said…
I love the Dosa coat! Must. Have. It. You, not me. You must have it. Splurge a little, woman!
Nora :) said…
Gah. They're like singing, simpering Rockettes. How do you find this stuff?

Did you faint when Oldest got that tattoo? When I got my first, totally-hideable one, my mom informed me it would "kill my grandmother" if she knew about it.
alice c said…
They are great robes. I'm liking the whole father/son matchy matchy thing you have going on there.
Amy A. said…
Makes me glad my son is on the fair side. He will get to keep his peach fuzz a little longer.

Bless your heart, bb. Your babies are growing up.
jenny said…
I bet the other girls don't like the saucy one in pink.

And youngest. IS SHAVING??

oh my.
Terese said…
Hi everyone,
Merry Christmas, it's December 12 in Sydney, Australia....and I have really enjoyed reading BB's posting and watching the you tube clips. It's really hard now to get a park at our local shopping centre due, my middle son is dressing as a Lizard for his Christmas pageant, my oldest is doing Bike Ed, and Surf Ed, while our youngest would like a bike from Santa. The pudding and cake are made. The tree is up. Merry Christmas everyone! :)
Mary said…
BB - I am almost ashamed to admit it but that photo of K and Youngest together made me a bit emotional - that is quite a moment to have recorded.

And I want that coat too now - perfect for the mountains.
michele said…
how timely, i am just recovering from the news that my "2nd oldest" (21 yr. old) just came back from Las Vegas with a skull tattoo on her words please.
Caterina said…
CELTIC WOMAN - is that the name of that group?