a letter from Youngest

Dear mythological creature in red, AKA Santa Claus,

Although it is highly unlikely that you exist, in the event that you do, I would like the following objects of play promptly at 800 hours.
This includes:
a Bamboo Fun medium in black
Resident Evil 4 for the Wii
a Black Death Ninja Sword
a set of colored pencils
the Futurama movie

Ohh! And be careful coming down the chimney - I will be waiting with Ninjas.

Cute, huh.
It's sad when they stop believing in Santa, but I like the stage when they play along. 13 is just the right age sometimes. It's like they suddenly get all the jokes.

We had snow yesterday.
Because I'm still partly deaf I didn't notice that it had gotten quiet outside - but it had. Everything was blanketed and we left early to attend our nephew's baptism.
It was a pretty day for a baptism, all white.
Afterwards, we went to K's sister's house for good food and lots of wine.
K's cousins flew in from far away and we had the very best time gabbing with them.
There were big bowls of chili and children running and playing and the birthday boy (he turns one on the 4th) took a good long nap and then entertained us all as he practiced his walking.

This week?
Parcels shipping to all points of the globe.
The orthodontist.
A secret mission.
A possible date with my pal M.
The return of my laptop?
Middle's birthday.

I'll keep you posted.


Badger said…
I live for the day my kids no longer believe in Santa so I can finally get to bed at a decent hour on the 24th. But I am Grinchy like that.

Have not decorated yet either, unless you count the wreath on the door, which I only put up because I needed a wreath-keeper thingie for the fall wreath and thus had to swap them out. The wreaths. I am making this sound really complicated. So. Tired.
jo said…
Ooooooo a secret mission.
We await that one.
alice c said…
Colored pencils! That IS cute when you are 13.
A great letter. Just as creative and funny as one would expect to come out of Tuvalu.
Now that the Cape Cod Kid doesn't live with me anymore, I'm not up to speed on some of the things on the Youngest Wish List.
I know Futurama has the one-eyed lady with the voice of Peg Bundy and I know swords because of CCK's awesome KungFu Black Sash sword skills. I wouldn't let him practice in the living room. I think we lost a lampshade that way.
Poppy B. said…
My kids still believe, but I'd be staying up until the wee small hours of Christmas morning anyway. I have to sing a midnight mass at the cathedral in downtown Chicago, then drive to Newtopia and ensure the stockings are properly stuffed before falling into bed at 2:00 in the morning.

It's a pretty gruesome scenario. I'm predicting a full range of warm, heartfelt emotions alternating with ice-cold Grinchiness. Kind of like the weather around here.

In other news, I don't start decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. I don't feel particularly Christmas-y until December 10th or so.
Paula said…
You tell Youngest for me that Suoanta DOES TO exist.
Nora :) said…
Where does a laptop go after a trip to an ashram fails, I wonder? *ponders*
Caterina said…
Why? Do you not decorate until after the 7th?
Unknown said…
Wow I am so jealous. Your sending out your gifts. I am waiting to see if anyone notices we don't have a tree ...i am avoiding sentences that include christmas tree and decorations. Also, the letter to santa, cute...one year I found a shredded note in the trash that my son had written: "Santa, here are the cookies. Please sign here." I think he was planning to compare handwriting with the gifts. I saved it in a bag.
blackbird said…
We don't decorate until AFTER Middle's birthday on the 7th...
MizMell said…
A December birthday! My wedding anniversary is on the 27th. It is often passed over because we're too exhausted after the holiday rush.

Hope Middle's birthday is marvelous.
Mary said…
A lovely Sunday.

And a lovely week ahead.

Other than for the orthodontist.
KPB said…
No home is complete without a Black Death Ninja Sword.

Or a set of coloured pencils for that matter.

(No wonder Middle is a legend, my birthday is the 8th. Sagittarians are THE best.)
~ej said…
what is it with age 13 and 14's and ninja swords!!
wait till he discovers sais (and how to use them)....