it's big in Japan

A parcel arrived the other day - from our friends in Tokyo.
There is no way I can match the Japanese aesthetic when it comes to gift giving, though I try, everything they send us is wondrous.


Each package was wrapped so beautifully -


Gorgeous gift tags and ribbons...


Do you think my friends send these exquisitely printed cards to everyone?


We received my favorite magazines...

beautiful bag

an embroidered drawstring pouch with a toothbrush and finger massaging implement in it.


<span class=

Music and a magazine for Youngest -

Aunt Merry

Aunt Merry! Aunt Merry who is a woolly ram with a heating pad inside her tummy. She is now a constant companion.

And this -

mystery gift

a mystery gift.

package and instructions

Ignore the written instructions - they are for Aunt Merry. Can YOU figure out the mystery gift? We had some trouble. Clearly, it can be attached to something else, like a backpack or cellphone. The packaging is in Japanese and not helpful in describing the product. But there were hints....bubble wrap? people laugh/crying? When pressed, the blue circles make a small popping sound. WHAT THE HECK? Google to the rescue.
Japanese bubble wrap popping simulator....
Holy cow! It IS a Japanese bubble wrap popping simulator!
It's a PuchiPuchi, and ALL THE RAGE IN JAPAN.

So, now, my teeth are clean, my fingers relaxed and Youngest tucks himself in bed with a warm wooly lamb and his PuchiPuchi.
Nothing says Christmas like a simulated bubble wrap popper.

Actually, nothing says Christmas like a dad making final adjustments on the tree....

final adjustments


Anonymous said…
LOVE the woolly lamb heating pad!! Hope you are relaxed and enjoying things a bit more. I KNOW my child would not be able to resist a little school bubble wrap popping and I already hear the phone call from the principal!

By the way, GABE...Gabriella. I am, last time I looked a girl...still. :)
blackbird said…
Gabe, honey, I'm sure we (I'm sure I speak for all of us) are sorry to have mistaken you FOR ONE OF MY THREE MALE readers.
I, myself, am a little disappointed, but only a teeny bit.
Can you send me an email address so I can reply to your comments? Have you already done that and I'm dumb?
Sinda said…
Hannah wants one of those bubble wrapping popping simulators - I think you could import them and find your self a new career!
If the tree adjustment pic had been takn at my house, it would mean that the Chrissmass Cat who lives under there had ripped open someone's jugular vein!

I'm having such Aunt Merry envy here.
I am so excited for you! I just LOVE getting boxes like that -- filled with so many wonderful treasures.

And the bubble wrap simulator? Either that's pure genius or pure insanity, I'm not sure which.
MizMell said…
Can't wait for those bubble wrap simulators to get to the US--I'm put them on my list of gifts for small children (right along with play dough and fingerpaint)!
And... no, I don't answer the phone on Christmas day.
Caron said…
My family loves bubble wrap. That would be a big hit over here.
Rae said…
I think I have a crush on your friends from Japan.
Anonymous said…
Hilarious! Olive would go nuts for that.

LOL about 3 male readers.

alice c said…
Why does that last picture give me unpleasant flashbacks to your Hallowe'en post?
Anonymous said…
There used to be a website where one could pop virtual bubble wrap. Tragically gone now.
Wendy said…
If the tree isn't leaning, it isn't Christmas at our house.

And I loved the tissue wrapped gift with the white paper peeking out. I have tried and failed to master the art of wrapping gifts with colored tissue so it looks like origami or pleats.
KPB said…
On first glance at the 'finger' massager, I'm thinking you could ah, massage more than your fingers. Then I actually thought the packaging said labia but that is more an indication of my puerile mind than anything else.

As you were.
Amy A. said…
I totally need to get myself some friends who live in Japan. You are well loved!
Mary said…
I want that lamb.

I want it now.

I need to know where to get such a thing.

Because I am greedy.
Miz S said…
My favorite is the little embroidered pouch.
Joke said…
I need that bubble-wrap simulator. Need, I tell you.


P.S. I have left AOL and now my email is the same-only-at-gmail.
Unknown said…
The is still a virtual bubble wrap popper simulation on line at

Just so's you and your gentle readers know.

Happy merry!
Pretty Things said…
Oh lucky you! I adore fun Asian things. I miss living in Korea and Japan. Sigh!

ms M said…
Aunt Merry is my favourite item!!!!