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A page from my favorite gift, The Principles of Uncertainty - by Maira Kalman.


Six AM. SIX. We opened gifts with a ninja, who received a sword. And a tablet.
He's a renaissance ninja.


He asked. He received. It may have been a mistake.

guy with sticks



Oldest got a new helmet.


There were surprises and things hoped for and a big mess.

eater of ham

Cousins arrive. Aunt and Uncle and Ma...

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Uncle brings a ham. From Martha.


And what else did Uncle bring?

slice the ham

His electric knife. And who sat at his feet whilst he dropped piece after piece of juicy ham? THE DOG. Fat and happy.

bake the bacon!

We baked the bacon. Have you done that? The results are very different and yet still good.

It was a grand day.

We are exhausted.

And happy.


It was so nice of the Martha to send that ham to you.

Looks like a very nice day!
tut-tut said…
I'm about done in, myself. Have a happy rest of the year!
Looks like a bunch of fun! Do I spy the dog napping amongst the wrappings on the floor?
Anonymous said…
I love the dog, exhausted by all the unwrapping, tuckered out on the floor. Mmmmm, ham.
Pretty Things said…
What a great day! Merry Christmas!
Badger said…
I am a fan of baked bacon. In fact, there's not much you could do to bacon to make me not like it. Bacon makes EVERYTHING BETTER.

We had tamales. I didn't make them, so they were very good.

Happy day to youse boids!
Shelly Kang said…
Merry Christmas - it looks like you had a lovely one, even if it did start at 6 am.
islaygirl said…
happy christmas, bb!
KPB said…
When feeding a large crowd I often do the bacon in the oven - I roll each rash with the fattier end on the outside so they don't dry out. You get these rolls of crispy bacony goodness. Delicious.
KPB said…
Oh - Merry Christmas oh lovely one.
Miz S said…
6am?? Damn, girl. I assume it was Youngest who got up that early. Only a year or two more of that nonsense, then he will sleep till 11 like all proper teens.

Merry Christmas, blackbird!
Anonymous said…
mmmm yes, the baked bacon. And no huge splatter all over the stovetop. A farmwife trick from our neck of the woods that works every dern time.
RW said…
Baking the bacon. What a good idea!

We are about to embark on our Boxing Day breakfast. Bacon and French toast.
Caset said…
oh how lovely that christmas looks! and maira kalman to boot! how wonderful. happy boxing day!
scarlettm said…
Is it me (since no one else commented), or do you have a purple heat coil in your oven?!
Anonymous said…
looks like the uncle brought a little fat roll above the beltline