a holiday tip


G bark

is a very, very far cry from this -

bark 3


However, this

G bark

is being given out at each checkout lane of my supermarket, while this

bark 3

is $25.00 per tin.

I just thought I'd keep you informed.

Oldest? Out with Juliet.
Middle? Perusing colleges on line. (Be still my heart.)
Youngest? Perfecting his tablet skills. (The site we ordered it from sent the wrong one, but in a good way. The one they sent is far more advanced and expensive and we paid for the lesser model.)
K? Strumming acoustic guitar on the couch.

Just finished tidying Youngest's room (found Halloween candy) and am doing laundry.

Roast beef sandwiches, frittes, and salad.
The Bourne Ultimatum.

Enough said.


I watched all 3 of the Bourne movies while finishing wrapping gifts the week before Christmas.


The Peppermint Bark stuff is from the parent company of Bottery Parn. They send it to us. There is a big box of it on our break table.
My sister and I also make our own homemade version
JJ said…
how i would love an evening of frittes, jason bourne and the blackbird family. heaven. enjoy it all - especially bourne. yum.
Badger said…
I only just discovered peppermint bark this year. I bought the Ghirardelli stuff for way cheap at Big Lots, because I'm classy like that.

The girl? Has a friend over. They are in her room playing.
The boys? Are building computer desks in the den.
I? Just took down the tree so there'd be room for the desks.

Brisket for dinner. It's been cooking all day and smells amazing.

No big movie/TV plans.

Just in case you were wondering.
tut-tut said…
Made a white chocolate, dried cranberry, and pistachio bark last year that everyone loved. From Cook and Tell.
Every time you mention Juliet I think "I'm not with that boy!" How funny!
Jennifer said…
So peaceful. Enjoy.
Your evening sounds very peaceful. And the movie? Much better than "Shaun of the Dead" which Pete is watching. Alone. As I walked out 20 minutes into it.
KPB said…
It probably doesn't need public stating, but I'd eat that $25 tin in one sitting. O.N.E.
Geggie said…
Peppermint bark is a problem for me. I love it so. But why is it so darn expensive. Next year I'll just make my own.
KPB said…

- this peppermint bark of which you speak is yet to make any sort of appearance on the festive landscape Downunder.

- I'm so happy for Oldest
- So what does Middle want to be when he grows up
- Lovin' Youngest's (and your) good fortune with the 'tablet' even though I have to get my head around the whole term 'tablet'
- The fact K strums on an acoustic guitar makes me love him even more.
Anonymous said…
oooo, colleges.

i've been thinking of getting my old self a tablet, too, if there's anything left once taxes and tuition have been paid (see above).
Eliane said…
Oh, we watched the Bourne Ultimatum too! Very entertaining. Coincidentally I had just read a Ludlum novel -I had bought some thrillers for Otger when he was sick- and having read worked well with watching. The film is just much much faster, book far more detailed.