the garland issue

Our tree isn't up yet, but I think I want some kind of garland for it this year.
I'm not planning on going to the art supply store to figure it out and I haven't seen anything I like in the few Christmas displays in the stores.
Where do I turn?
The internet.
Here are some things I'm considering.

bells garland

This garland of little bells intrigues me. It's from Crate and Barrel and it's about $20. I think I'd need three of them and that's just not going to happen. Pretty though.

button garland

This button garland is pretty, but I don't think it would be especially visible on the tree.


Wooden cranberries could be good. Have you ever strung real cranberries? I have and it's a finger killer. Who'd have thought?

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This mini yoyo garland from Redvelvetart at Etsy is adorable. In fact, it might be too adorable for my house. We aren't really very adorable around here - what with all the black clothing and such.

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Also from Etsy, via Elicias Creations, this is a bit more like us.

Now that I think more about it...

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a Froot Loop garland would be appropriate.

As would this -

sausage garland

and we could make it ourselves.


abrowncow said…
i saw the little bells garland at Michael's - i'm sure the strands are smaller than C&B but they were only 4.99. i got a few strands to string on our shed, they jingle when in the wind.
Anonymous said…
Off topic, but I notice that google is responding to the whole "only blogger links" thing by creating new options for blog owners. Open ID. I guess you have to go in and change some settings in your admin section. It's explained at blogger help.

As for garland, I like those little bells, too.
MizMell said…
I've been accumulating wine corks for some time now... but no garland for me.
Badger said…
I am all in for the sausage garland. Put me down for two.

I have strung real cranberries. NEVER AGAIN. We have the wooden ones for the upstairs tree and they are awesome.
Anonymous said…
With 11 pigs around here I guess you can have all the sausage garland you wish...if you can get here before it DISAPPEARS.
Geggie said…
I'd love to come take a nibble on the sausage garland.
Unknown said…
Come snag the paper reindeer garland pattern from my blog. Cute, but not too, though the sausage garland would be nice.
Sorority Girl declared a "no garland" Christmas tree this year. It's looking a liitle bare.
I think pushing a needle through multiple corks would be as killer as stringing cranberries.
Anonymous said…
I am partial to the wooden cranberries, perhaps combined with some of the bells. Simple and elegant, not to mention a bit boring. But that's just me.
Unknown said…
Some great ideas. I like the Cork too...maybe next year... I have used very wide, like two or three inche wired ribbon (gold, gold silver)draped around the tree. This year I am thinking GOLD RIBBON and PINE CONES and no lights. I am currently negotiating with my son (he noticed we didn't have one) and if his girlfriend helps - maybe.
RW said…
We have wooden cranberries but we don't have enough for the HUGE tree the family picked this year. So, they will be place on the banister with some greenery this year. I like the bell idea. We have a shed. Bells on the shed... hmm.
Jess said…
My gosh, your tree will smell good!
We have a ginormous paper chain that my girls add to every year. It's not classy, it's not elegant, but it's fun.
Wendy said…
We have the wooden cranberries. I've used them for nearly 10 years now and I love them more every year. (Pretty sure ours were from Target originally - probably bought on clearance after Christmas one year.)
Fannie said…
I'm with you on the real cranberries. Now if only I had SAVED all the wine corks from the past year.....
Mary said…
I like the idea of the silver bells - the soft jingle of them.

I am not a tinsel girl.
Paula said…
I have those cranberries and they look good with everything.

We've used them for about 20 years now and I told Dale while we were putting them on tree this year that I ought to restring them before the original string rots and we have wooden cranberries everywhere.

I wonder if I'll get to it this year...
KPB said…
a salami garland.
Mmm noice.
Carol said…
We use red wooden beads that I got from Target years ago. I mix them with a wooden strand my mom gave me that she picked up in a Scandinavian gift shop.

If I get it together, I'll take a photo and post it.
Poppy B. said…
I've bought a bunch of garlands a few years ago, but it never occurred to me to have them match,. I have some colored glass beads, like tiny Christmas balls, some suns/moons/stars in gold, some long strands of gold beads, a little train, and a strand of ducks.

On the other hand, I have friends who have much better taste than I have, and they use long strands of fake pearls from Michael's. And I must say, their tree is lovely.
jenny said…
My kids totally won the tree decorating fight this year...

700 colored lights and clumps of ornaments, too many ornaments, everywhere.

It makes me nuts and totally happy all at the same time.
Unknown said…
Because I am insane, I had a dream about this post last night, days after I initially read it, and came up with making fimo beads and stringing them for garland. I think it would work well, you could get the kids involved, and it would last for years. Go FIMO.
Caterina said…
I love that Crate & Barrel lil' bells one.
Anonymous said…
me again. or me finally, again.
I have 3 miles of wooden cranberries for the tree. not much of an exaggeration, really. i was into wood way back when, and actually, i still am, for decorating our tree, since i go for the homey look.
but they're not that great, the wooden cranberries.

however, if this is a thing, like you're choosing between the wooden cranberries and the sausages, well, wood is good.

or good-er.

btw, we're treeless this year. allergies. ach!

how you been bb?