after a day of baking

bb: Don't eat the cookies cooling on the stove, Middle...

Middle: ...?

bb: They're made with walnut flour.

Middle: But now I really WANT a cookie. And I had one of those cookies from S and it had walnuts and I was okay!

(ed. note: Middle is allergic to walnuts. Not rush-to-the-hospital allergic, but in-for-a-rough-night allergic.)

bb: Well tonight's not a good night to do an experiment.

(ed. note: Middle's Winter Concert is tonight.)

Middle notes that bb is now dredging the cookies in vanilla confectioner's sugar.

Middle: Sure, make them look even better! What else are you going to do, give each person who eats one a five dollar bill?


You are so cruel to taunt him so.

And this from the person who has ransomed her nephew's Tigger.

islaygirl said…
i love middle more and more every day. if i had a boy, i would want one like any of your three.
Badger said…
HAHAHA! My girl child is allergic to most nuts (except peanuts) in that same way. I made butter nut balls WITHOUT NUTS just for her, and she says she doesn't like them. Gah.
Stephanie said…
HAHAHAHA, he is funny. :)
Tell him you'll give him $5 to LEAVE THE COOKIES ALONE!!
Mary said…
The speed of a teenager's responses. Sounds like you did very well to keep up with him

I am cooking for neighbours too and planning our Christmas Eve dinner and stressing a little about the timing of all of that and just hope that you have had an opportunity to relax for a minute or two - Love Actually does it for me everytime too.
She She said…
I love a boy with a sense of humor! What is it about middles and the funny? Mine makes me laugh, too.
KPB said…
my oven broke.

The end.
Kathy Rogers said…
That is hilarious. Non-walnut cookies! Stat!
TheOneTrueSue said…
tee hee