an additional post of unique gift ideas

This time from Generate.

toy car

This little toy car has interchangeable pieces that fit on other vehicles from the series. I like little toy cars, and I think it's a neat idea for a gift - or two.

cardboard house

Here's a playhouse anyone could comes blank - but I think I'd be tempted to copy the illustrations on the website because I'm not very creative.

inside of house

I like that it has cobwebs. I have cobwebs too.

Everyone is flattered by this mirror -


This is what's printed on it:

mirror copy

and I would love to give it to every teenage girl who's feeling awkward and ugly and every old lady I know, just to remind them how beautiful they are.

Too mundane for your gift giving needs?
How about this -

little Joseph

It's called Little Joseph. Little Joseph the creepy doll head candle holder. We aren't limited to white dripping wax here either. Imagine the possibilities.

(cue West Side Story music)
I feel witty, oh so witty...

cutting board

IMO, this gift is best given with a good knife. For a variety of reasons.

Too silly?

Yesterday I read a post about someone looking for a gift for their dad. I know my dad would have loved this - and it wouldn't be bad for K either. He has a stack of these supplies in a shoe box.
Don't all dad's shine their shoes?

shoe shine kit

Mine did.
I can remember watching my mom get dressed up. Watching her choose jewelry, fix her hair and put on lipstick. And I'll never forget watching my dad, using skills he learned in the army, shine his shoes before an evening out. I can smell the polish and hear the sound of the brush on the leather.
Make memories - give your dad a shoe shine kit.


Caterina said…
"Don't all dad's shine their shoes?"

Yes, mine does.
I loved these ideas. Especially the creepy doll head candle holder :) Where do you find this stuff?!
Caterina said…
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Caterina said…
Duh. Just noticed the website -
Stephanie said…
My dad wears tennies. He buys the same pair, over and over. sigh. At least he has good taste in cars.

Those are some sweet memories you have of your parents.
tut-tut said…
Oh my goodness; I just got a compliment on my shoes. I had shined them, because my sister and I always helped my father shine his shoes.
Paula said…
When my husband shines his shoes he sticks his tongue out just a bit.
Unknown said…
My dad, who was more than a tad bit OCD, had a shoe shine machine. It had a red side and a black side, one for polishing and the other for buffine. He had a box, just like those guys in Grand Central Station, with the buffing brushes and rags, and wire brushes to take off all the dirt, and polishes in little cans. I never knew how obsessed he was with shiny shoes until I got out in the world and learned that most people don't ever polish their shoes.

Oh, and he gave both my brothers their own machine on the bar mitzvah because they were men and men polish their shoes. OCD+
My Dad also developed his mad shoe-shining skills in the Army. I have exactly the same sweet memories of it that you have. I've been missing him for 13 years now.
Mary said…
I think I need the Little Joseph.

For my little Joseph.
KPB said…
that scary baby head is just wrong. So I suspect every goth uni student will own several of them. Like that time when its compulsory your uni household has mulled wine in winter and you all listen to The Cure.
Anonymous said…
A wonderful book to empower little girls is "Me Gusta Como Soy", can't wait until they are 16 to do it :o)

My Dad shined his shoes. My eldest knows how to shine shoes, I think my youngest just doesn't care.
Pretty Things said…
I'm going to have nightmares about those candle heads. But I dearly adore that cardboard house!
Carol said…
When I started working in the "real world", my dad would see my pumps and get disgusted. Then he would grab them and bring them downstairs to be polished. Finally, about 12 years ago, he gave me my own kit which I still have.

Isn't it cool to have such wonderful memories about your dad...and I know exactly what you mean about being able to hear the sound of the brush on the shoes.
Julie said…
Those candle heads are going to give me nightmares.
Major Bedhead said…
My dad has a shoe shine kit. I gave one to TCBIM a couple of years ago and after showing him how to use it, he now shines his shoes regularly.

That doll head is awesome. The cutting board even more so.

Have you seen the Pi pie plate in the Signals catalog? I want one....
~ej said…
those doll heads are creepy!!
my dad had the shoe shine thing too, i remember watching him and loving the whole smoothness of the motion...