Woe is me.

<span class=
(Votivo Clean Crisp White, a gift from M)

It's a sad state of affairs in the candle closet.

Maine outer

(Sadie's Candle Tins, L.L.Bean, circa 2004)

I'm not sure how to proceed.

ocean mist use

it's ocean WATER
(Ocean Water Yankee candle, circa 2006)

My favorites are all gone.

green house
(Green House Yankee candle, a gift from Oldest, 2006)

The replacements for my favorites are finished as well.

sun and sand
(Sun and Sand Yankee candle, summer 2007)

Is is a bad thing that I pull a chunk of this wax out of a drawer, to sniff, from time to time?

(Amber Sunset Yankee candle, unknown origin)

While these stumps of candles have done a nice job of scenting various closed areas, it's getting crowded in the linen closet - there are only so many mostly empty candle jars I can store.

m candle
(A'Quiesse candle, a gift from M)

Some didn't burn fast enough...

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(Clean White Linen [or some such]Yankee candle, unknown origin)

Some burned far too quickly.

blue candle
(Way Out Wax Cozy Home, circa 2007)

And some I don't know the origins of at all. I'm pretty sure M's friend M gave me this one.

green candle

What am I supposed to do with the half inch of wax at the bottom of all these jars?
Sometimes I chip it out, wrap it in newspaper and use it to start a fire in the fireplace.
Sometimes I chip it out and put it in my sock drawer. What a mess.
And what's to become of the jars?

Such problems.


Birchsprite said…
oooooh I can almost smell them. I too hoard old almost finished candles... I'll be glad to hear of a use for them too :)
Anonymous said…
Stick the whole lot in the freezer for about an hour. The wax will shrink and pop right out then you can wash and reuse the tins and holders how you like and either use the remaining wax in one of those warmers or chuck it. Enjoy!
Badger said…
Now see, I would just throw everything away. But then I'm not a candle person.
jenny said…
I am a candle person and still I would just throw everything away. Although I didn't know that about the freezer...
Birchsprite said…
(in order to keep a promise)


and I love that about the freezer!
Geggie said…
I'm really digging Archipelago Botanicals Havana -- tabacoo leaves, ylang ylang and bergamont. I love it.

I'm also really enjoying Pacifica's Sugar Spiced Pumpkin. I don't usually like "food" scented candles, but it's just so right for the fall. And their Egptian Bergamont Rose is perfect in the powder room.

I got them all at Whole Foods.
Unknown said…
Let no one ever say that you do not love candles.

You're cracking me up. But I understand. I loved a candle once, deeply. And I couldn't find another one like it. It was brown. It smelled spicy and like the woods at the same time.
Anonymous said…
I bought aprox 20 small wrapped votive candles while in Tuvalu in all different fragrances so I sniff them from time to time and think of Tuvalu. I never unwrapped them. I just sniff them...sigh.
Amy A. said…
Give all the holders to the thrift store. Some lucky crafty gal will pick them up of $.10, make something cool and sell it on etsy for $10.
Christy said…
You could make some candles yourself! That sounds like a nice project for a cold day.
Eliane said…
I only have a package of emergency candles, matches, and some flashlights in my candle closet. I am such a romantic.
TSintheC said…
Yes to the freezer thing. It really does work.

Soak the containers in really, really hot water or run them through your dishwasher (if there's no chunks of wax left) and then use them for new votives or (those big Yankee Candle jars) storage of other things.

Um, can you tell I have about eleventy-thousand candles myself?
I'm with Badger.
MizMell said…
Throw them out! Be done with it once and for all.
There are no u-hauls in heaven.
Tammy said…
It would be a shame to waste what's left of those fantastic scents! Buy a plug-in candle warmer that heats the whole jar.
Sinda said…
Can I send you my candles?
might I add...? said…
It sounds like there are so many ideas here already, so you probably don't need any more.

Anyway, I like the ideas about using the leftover bits to get the fire going. I'll have to try that when we can start using the fireplace. I thought the idea with the freezer was clever, I've never done that. Of course I don't have enough room in my freezer to put a big candle, and if I did, my guess is it would fall out onto the floor when I opened the freezer door and smash into 3 million teeny tiny slivers of glass and frozen wax.

Personally, I would soak them with hot water, take the wax out (use it for starting fires!!), then recycle the glass jars/metal tins. I have too much stuff and too little storage space to use it for storing used candles.
Shelly Kang said…
I'm SO not a candle person, as much as I sometimes would like to be a candle person. Still, I give you permission to throw out the candles that you didn't love, and why not just put tea candles inside the candle holders that you do love? That way you won't be stuck cleaning up the waxy mess the next time they burn down. But then again, I'm not a candle person, so I probably don't understand the subtleties of how and why. So forgive my a**vice.
Stephanie said…
It's time to cut the waxy cord, bb. :)
Heather said…
throw the jars in the recycle. it helps make more jars.
And you could use the wax for a pincushion ... I read that on another site this morning ~ the timing of these posts is eerie, lol.
Unknown said…
Throw them out!