Tuvalu from above

my house

Here's our little house in Tuvalu. We live just to the right of a busy road that runs the length of the town.
Our home is modest but we love it.
I thought I'd show you some other houses and sights...

former farmhouse

This house has water on two sides of it. Click on the photo for the story of its renovation. It was a beautiful, small farmhouse. Now there is a compass rose on the driveway. K and I chatted with the carpenters when they were working on this house - I think that's how we found out who makes our shingles.

parking lot

This is the parking lot where I meet the kids after school each day.
It's smaller than the former adorable farmhouse.

two tennis courts

In Tuvalu, people need their OWN tennis courts.

favorite house

We LOVE this house the best.
A finance/author guy lives there. He has 5 children and his wife has the woman who cuts my hair in to do her hair three times a week. The hair part doesn't impress me, the 5 children do. I think if you live in a house that size you should fill it with children. They have 4 full time staff members . (I got all this from the woman who cuts my hair.) Click on the photo for more details.

This -

C's house2

is my friend's house. They used to live in my house. Her house is sort of like a larger version of my house - cozy and inviting.

beverage king

This is the house of the man who owns the very famous beverage company. Click on the photo for the gory details. It is interesting to me that the schools here in Tuvalu do not sell the beverage that this man owns, but they do sell the beverage he competes with.

Picture 3

I can buy my beverages here.

Or here.

Picture 5

Picture 4

This is all condos now.

Here's where my mom lives.

Picture 7

I leave you with the harbor.

Picture 8

Tuvalu: a bustling waterfront town of condos and supermarkets!


Wow. I had no idea that Tuvalu had such wealth. The beverage guy's castle must be impressive but I'd much rather live in cozy comfort than sprawling splendor.
Just as I was thinking "how did she do that?" you went and cleared up the mystery.

I kind of like a home where you don't need a map to get from one end to the other.
Geggie said…
Are those all boats on trailers or dry docked?
Eliane said…
What a great idea for a post, I might steal it.
TheOneTrueSue said…
I am both fascinated with real estate AND nosy, so this post was almost too much Sunday morning goodness.
Badger said…
Ooo! Satellite photos are my guilty pleasure. I take virtual vacations with them and peek into backyards all over the world. Now you know.
Anonymous said…
This was so cool. Fabio loved it.
And, of course you used a bird to do this...you're a blackbird!
Suse said…
A post with that bizarre Tuvaluan word 'beverage' woven in four times.

Excellent work.
halloweenlover said…
Fascinating! Can we come visit?
Heather said…
very cool.
Mary said…
A part of me thinks you are very naughty posting photos of peoples houses with comments on them.

Another part of me thinks anyone can do this now with Google Earth (which I often do - that is one spooky tool!)

The biggest part of me was totally enthralled...!
Birchsprite said…
ohhh a great idea!
TheOneTrueSue said…
Your post was on my mind when I wrote mine as well - I should have linked. I'm still thinking over what to do about pictures. I don't use Flicker, but I do worry a bit about the pictures on my blog itself.
TheOneTrueSue said…
Oops, wrong post.
might I add...? said…
Fascinating! Can you explain how you do the thing with boxes/notes on Flickr?

Hope you're feeling better. Maybe the cold won't "take."
Alice said…
Is one of the groceries where my uncle works?