First I'm going to recap, then I'll do my recap...

The teams have merged.
James has two immunity idols and is smart enough now to know when to use them.
Denise feels left out and, I looked it up, she's from Massachusetts.
Jean Robert is now on the jury.
Courtney, we are told, is a loose cannon. Plus she has immunity.
PG tried to sway the team.
JR tried to take James out but Todd manipulated the vote.

Now for my recap.
James had a narrow escape and tells us that he will bring the idols to the votes from now on.
He sings a good morning song to the team to wake them. Courtney is SO happy. She has immunity AND got rid of JR.
Denise is suspicious, and Courtney and Amanda know that Denise is mad at them for flipping their votes.
Denise feels 'like an idiot' and decides to stick it out with James.
PG knows she's on the outs and Todd tells us that PG is the new JR.

Time for a challenge. How many times do you think Jeff has said: c'mon in guys!
It's a reward challenge and two teams of four have to keep a ball bouncing on Chinese drums whilst walking an obstacle course.
It's a great challenge and we are thinking it's much harder than it looks.
The winners will get a river cruise and dinner.
Erik and Frosti do very well.
PJ and James try hard (with their team) but lose.
So Erik, Frosti, Amanda and Courtney win.

Do you think I Am Legend is a Christmas movie?

It's day 28.
James and PG are arguing over who's fault it is that they lost the challenge. PG is aggravated because she's never won a challenge and now she's in a bad position.

I don't know what's going on at this point - James is saying something unintelligible about not eating the apple. What?
Todd's having a bad day.

On the cruise, Erik is having a fine time.
Courtney and Frosti like each other.
Amanda and Erik like each other but not the same way that Courtney and Frosti like each other.
The collective mental age of the cruisers is about 14.
Frosti is a little worried about Erik, he perceives him as a threat.

Amanda's butt is blurred in every shot. I'm thinking the players have to look at Amanda's bare butt all day.

When the winning team returns to camp they lie about the food they ate at the reward so their teammates don't get angry with them.

Todd tells everyone that PG had a little breakdown, so Erik feels safe.

The immunity challenge is a memory test with Chinese zodiac symbols - the catch is that anyone who wants to sit out and eat burgers and fries can choose to.
PG, Frosti, Amanda and Erik choose to play.
PG clearly has THE EYE OF THE TIGER.
She wins.
Frosti is upset because people sat out.

After the challenge, Frosti thinks Erik is going and Erik thinks Frosti is going.
Todd and Frosti discuss voting for Erik.
Todd tells James it's Frosti.
Denise says it's Frosti or Courtney.
Todd tells Courtney to vote Frosti, but, you know, Courtney LIKES Frosti, so she might not vote for him.
Todd may have to vote for HER.

At tribal, Jeff is surprised that James chose to sit out the challenge and eat. James tells us he had seven burgers.
Frosti is disappointed in the people who chose to eat.
The votes are all for Erik and Frosti. WHY? Why aren't people considering voting off Denise?
Or Amanda? I DON'T GET IT. (But I do get it in the context of the game.)
K had a scheme wherein he thought they should trick James into playing one of his idols.
After he played it and was given immunity, the person with the next amount of votes goes - they could have done this to have one idol played AND vote someone off.

Frosti goes.

And we won't see THAT until next week.

What are your guesses?


Paula said…
James - Apple: euphuism for sex & temptation (Adam & Eve) relating to Courtney playing with the boys…
Anonymous said…
I think it's going to be something that scrapes up their knees!
Paula said…
Okay, I just have to ask, how many of us are there?
Badger said…
I don't understand why they aren't voting off TODD. Why are they letting him call all the shots? What does he actually have to offer anyone in terms of an alliance? He is pretty much just a legend in his own mind, isn't he? Gah.

I liked Frosti.
Amy A. said…
My prediction is that PG will be out next week, but I can't figure out why they have let Courtney stay around so long. Icky.
Anonymous said…
Watching Courtney (AKA Skeletor) walk around in a bikini is painful. They really need to vote her off.

I'm so tired of hearing Jeff say the same thing week after week. "Come on in guys" ... "I've got nothing for you, head back to camp" ... "Immunity - back up for grabs." Seriously, can't he shake it up a bit?

Is Jeff still dating that contestant from a few seasons ago?