It turned out that Jaime was as dumb as she looked.
Frosti was the first winner of individual immunity and I was nicely situated on the big chair in the living room.
James and JR tangle a little - and this is all before the credits. (I'm going to use some bold today - just to shake things up.)

It's day 22.
My coffee is brewing in the kitchen as I type this.
James is fishing.
There is a hole in his underwear.
Amanda thinks James could win the whole thing. (This bold business requires a lot of clicking.)

There is a reward challenge.
The winning group of four will visit an ancient village and have a meal.
They will be given a secret message.

The challenge entails sitting in the cutest little boats you have ever seen whilst your opponents throw buckets of water at you and try to sink your wee boat.
One group chooses Courtney because they reckon that she is so thin she will stay afloat longer. What they don't count on is the fact that she is useless and squeals and does not bail and sinks very quickly.
It all ends very quickly with Amanda, Jean Robert, James and Todd winning pretty easily.

Off they go for Chinese food.
James and Jean Robert like to push each others buttons (should there be an apostrophe there?) and there is some joking around over whether the inhabitants of a 1000 year old Chinese village know how to make wontons.
The collective IQ's of this team may not be especially high.
But what's really funny is Jean Robert's reaction when they read the last clue for the hidden idol. JR, you see, is the only person at the table who doesn't know that James already has both idols. So, it was sort of funny to watch Mr. Poker Face Professional Gambler make a fool of himself over "The American Beauty Idol."

Back at camp, Denise, aka: the lunch lady with the mullet and unidentifiable-yet-frightening accent, is very very disappointed. She was never picked for a team. Apparently this is a recurring theme in her life. And, while I find Denise likable, and I know what it's like to not get picked for a team because, for example, you are really tiny and talk too much, I want to note publicly that she is still on a damn team and may just be the kind of person who floats like a butterfly right into the final four, whilst I, on the other hand, have never even been nominated for a Bloggie or Bloggette, or whatever the hell they are called.
Not that she touched a nerve or anything.

Right. So.
PG works the team to see if she can persuade them to vote JR off.
There are many close-ups of bugs. Bug and frogs. Lots of nature-shot fill done in the dark.
JR gets up while everyone else is asleep and skulks around the camp, looking for the idol that we all know James has. And then, much to our surprise and delight, he does the same thing Jaime did. He finds the blank plaque and assumes it is the immunity idol and is all proud of himself. Oh, the irony or the sarcasm, or something seething out of me.

On Day 24 it seems that James eats a lot. Suddenly, this is a bone of contention between him and JR.
Todd is being driven crazy by everyone in camp. And he's 'pissed off.' He's angry about the immunity idol (James should give him the one he found.) He's tired of people's voices and would love some craziness, which should be in quotes - but I'm getting tired.
Todd and Amanda (remember her? suddenly she has a lot of jewelry on her bathing suit top) plot to get rid of James.
Todd's plan, and it's a good one, is to blindside James by making him think they are voting off PG. Or JR. Or someone who is not James so that he doesn't use his immunity idol at tribal and gets VOTED OFF.
But, before I can get worked up about this -
There is a challenge.
Players must sit upon a giant habitrail, straddling barrels filled with water. (No, I didn't link to the photos of habitrails - I couldn't find a suitable one.)
As the barrels empty, they become unstable, and players can fall in sludge.
It's a decent challenge.
It takes a while and JR falls off first, after taunting other players. Is it me? Or is he a dumb ass?
After 32 minutes, Courtney who looks like a walking skeleton, wins.
I'm pretty excited. I kind of like her and her sassy mouth.
The immunity necklace is larger than her entire body.

At camp, everyone talks about who is going home.
JR tells Eric (who is also flying very low on the radar if you know what I mean) that he has the hidden idol. JR is very smug. Eric tells him he is wrong and fills him in on what James has been doing for the past few weeks.
JR tells Eric that they should pull a fast one on James.

JR confronts James.
James denies everything. (James is kinda funny.)
James doesn't trust JR.

JR tells Todd. (This is funny.)
Todd plays dumb. (He's not so dumb, but he is freaking out.)
If Todd lets his emotions change his behavior, IMO, he may lose some of the control he thinks he has.
JR wants to pull the same scheme as Todd -ie. blindsiding James.
(That's TODD'S plot.)
So, Todd flips the plot to vote off James and switches it to vote off JR.

James says he may roll the dice and not bring the idols to tribal council.
(A bad idea.)

At tribal council, Courtney is so happy.
James is pretty confident.
PG is worried.
We are worried.
There is too much talking.
It's a tight vote.
James sweats it out and has not brought the idols.
JR goes to the jury.

I am exhausted from all this bold typing.


RW said…
Oh. I totally missed the fact that James did not bring the idols... that is why they kept panning go James' face.
jenny said…
This is the first time I've watched in weeks and I only saw the last ten minutes or so but am glad to see that James has BOTH immunity idols, can't believe he didn't bring even one.

Liked JR's parting comment about how they got rid of him because clearly he IS the best player.

Not likely.

maybe if you were sporting the mullet it could make all the difference come bloggy (ie?) nomination time.
might I add...? said…
I don't think I've ever watched Survivor, but I still had some thoughts...

(This bold business requires a lot of clicking.)
I didn't realize you could click; I've been using html. Which works, but can be tedious.

James and Jean Robert like to push each others buttons (should there be an apostrophe there?)
Consensus seems to be each other's.

I know what it's like to not get picked for a team because, for example, you are really tiny and talk too much.

I, on the other hand, have never even been nominated for a Bloggie or Bloggette, or whatever the hell they are called.
You should definitely be nominated. Not that I know what a Bloggie/Bloggette is, mind you. But when I get a few extra minutes (hopefully before B goes off to college), I'll start researching the nomination process.
Barbra said…
You might not have been nominated for a blog award thingie (I didn't know there were awards for blogs), but yours is the first blog I read in the morning! So you're first picked by me!
alice c said…
I knew right from the start that James was going to win. And now that he has a hole in his underpants - the others might as well get their coats.