Can I just say, in response to all the car commercials during this program, no one promised ME a Mercedes Benz - so I wish that guy would shut up about it.

James was doomed last week, but kidnapped - remember? He confided in Todd, who gave him the immunity idol. But he couldn't throw the challenge which ruined Todd's plan.
Jeff gives the exact recap that I DO.
Sherea went home. 10 players are left.
It's night 18.
At Fay Long, the trouble between Courtney and JR is discussed. Courtney doesn't need friends in this game.
At John Who, PG is trying to talk to James, but James doesn't seem to be buying it. She wants to trust him.
James goes after the second hidden idol and leaves the symbol from the other side of the gate on the ground as he has to hustle to hide his find. He now has two idols, and he's pretty thrilled about it.

Courtney is bummed that no one stuck up for her and voted Jean Robert out.
Todd is working on the numbers.

Jaime realizes that the symbol above the gate is missing. Eric sees the the one James dropped on the ground and gives it to her. She's pretty sure that it's the immunity idol, and while James is out of camp, she goes through his bag and finds the two idols he has. (I would NEVER leave my bag unattended in camp!) Somehow, she is still convinced that she has an idol.

We think it's time for a challenge, but IT'S A MERGE.
I would yawn, but the players receive black buffs. This tickles me.
Fay Long get to keep their beach, but a new name must be invented. To celebrate, the players are sent to a feast with entertainment.
There are dancers and acrobats and plate twirlers.
The editors make sure to get a shot of Courtney being excited about the FOOD.

JR is feeling pretty confident.
There are 6 original Fays and 4 original Johns.
PG is doing a lot of figuring.
The new team name is Hay Da Fong. Hopefully I won't have to type it too often.

Jeff arrives at camp and no one is terribly impressed.
He brings them their first challenge and the immunity necklace. I like this necklace.
The tribe is tested on events that occurred during the feast...
how many times did firecrackers go off?
what was the centerpiece?
what were the dancers wearing on their feet?

Frosti wins immunity and becomes Courtney's new best friend.
James tells Todd about the idols he has, then James tells Amanda.
Amanda is wary of Jaime.
Courtney is snuggling Frosti.
JR confides in Todd - but Todd is too smart for him - or is he?
JR threatens Todd.
Todd sees through JR.
Jaime and PG discuss voting JR out.
Jaime tells Frosti that she has the idol, but Frosti isn't sure she does.
Jaime tries to play Todd, but he's too smart for her.
She claims she's playing dumb - we're thinking she IS dumb.

I don't know what the HELL James is talking about.

At tribal, Amanda says the merge is great!
Will they vote along team lines or will they vote out the annoying one?

Just before Jeff reads the votes, Jaime hands him the wooden symbol that she thinks is the idol. Jeff looks at it and throws it into the fire AND JAIME IS OUR FIRST MEMBER OF THE JURY.

And then, I go to bed and fall asleep at 9:30.

It's day two of naplobomo.


Geggie said…
2 down, 28 to go
alice c said…
I still cheering for James.
Julie said…
It's just wrong going through people's personal stuff - we thought she might even have STOLEN his idols. We were very happy to have Jaime voted off. And then she says she didn't trust James?!? hello? I love this show.
Anonymous said…
i loved the way he threw it in the fire. he was like "" toss.