Survivor, liveblogged

Remember where we left off?
The team never left tribal
china quiz
pg denise eric go to shao lin temple
james todd courtney and amanda stay behind

shao lin temple is cool

denise takes karate

kung fu demo impressive

little kids

denise does a demo
we have a soft spot for her - she's not going to win

PG is inspired

day 29

raining huddled in a cave

denise reports back to todd that pg tried to sway her to vote for todd

james says some stuff I don't understand but which I think means he's sticking with Todd?


AMANda and courtney plot to get rid of james AGAIN

throwing stars
at targets

harder than it looks
james courtney erik go to sudden death amanda
erik wins
james loses

james says get rid of pg tonight and then erik..

amanda and todd plan

PG thinks she has a plan but amanda talks her out of it
she talks to erik
it's hard to keep track

james says he will play his idols

big trust conversation at tribal

he doesn't play the idol
he gets voted off

we feel sad for him...


jenny said…
oh crap. I missed tonight so first off, thanks for the liveblog.

James didn't play the immunity idols? damn. So much for the outwit part...
RW said…
we are still wondering why he didn't play them... what would he have lost... am I missing something?
Badger said…
I'm still digesting this episode. I lurved James at first, but as time went on he started bugging the hell out of me with his talk about how everyone is so stupid and not eating the apple and WHATEVER, JAMES. I liked his exit interview, though.

I wish Denise the Kung Fu lunch lady had a shot at winning. I think I like her best right now. I didn't realize until Frosti left that he was my secret favorite, though.
Nora :) said…
Your recaps are as close as I have ever come to watching Survivor. I have no idea what's going on, but these people don't strike me as terribly bright if they have some sort of immunity idol that will prevent them from losing somehow and they don't use it. If that's what happening.
alice c said…
I am kinda sad because I truly believed that James would win.