seasonal goodness

across the street

The view out the front door/ the view out back...


both make me happy.

blue can

This little Buddha is in the foreground of my view,


next to my new favorite lip balm.

lip balm

Yeah. Favorite lip balm and a tiny Buddha, OKAY?
These things make me happy right now.


And look at this!
I've been wanting to buy red and white string for so long, and this nice sized spool was at the restaurant supply store. I'm going to use it for presents.


I took out my Christmas list book the other day to make some notes.
My kids have never seen my Christmas book and Middle opened it and started to read.
We sat together and looked at the lists of things I bought from the time he was little until last year. He loved going over each year and telling me about presents he remembered and I loved hearing, after all these years, what he thought of certain gifts.

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He can't see it again until next year


Unknown said…
Your home is so pretty.
Anonymous said…
I love the idea of keeping all the gifts you gave each year in one place.

I too would enjoy those views out your front and back doors. Thanks for sharing.
BabelBabe said…
i use an Excel spreadsheet every year, to keep track of budgets, etc. soooo much less attractive.
alice c said…
I have a book JUST like that - except mine has a silver cover. I am rather worried by the date - are you much older than you look in the photos?
Pretty Things said…
That Christmas List book is SUCH a cool idea!!!! And I love the scenes of the yard.
Nora :) said…
That Christmas book is such a wonderful thing, especially in an age of technology. How wonderful that you were able to turn through its pages with your son! What a wonderful memory.
Geggie said…
I love the twine!

And I love journals and nice notebooks, I should start a gift journal like you have.
Those stone walls are just gorgeous.

As for the red and white string, I can't wait to see some photos of wrapped presents. I suspect you'll use a great paper.
Anonymous said…
Love your views, especially the colors of the front.

Re: red and white string. For a brief shining moment I thought you had taken up knitting.
Mary said…
Thank you for sharing your fall views.

And the idea of the christmas present journal is inspired. I will start mine this year.
Anonymous said…
I love that you have a Christmas book. I have one, too, a red brocade Asian journal that my sister gave me one year. I keep the gifts and the menus for each holiday.

But most precious of all are the Santa lists in their childish, grubby handwriting with the list of toys.

Now they just email me the links!
Anonymous said…
I love that so many of your comments start with "I love". :-)

I have have two boys (6 and 8), and have their wish lists for Santa from the past 4 years hidden away...I hope they never find them. Those lists make me melt. They still believe. May the magick be infintite!

I love your handwriting. (and the layered rock walls...timeless.)

I'm all about notebooks. And doodles and scratch-outs.
Wendy said…
I wish I had kept all of my lists in one place now that I see how lovely yours are preserved. I do get a bit of a thrill from being able to get rid of all of them when the holiday is over though.
Anonymous said…
Oh, man. I wish I had kept a Christmas journal.
Unknown said…
I wish I could take a trip to the restaurant supply store with you and K. That would be heavenly... a gift in itself!
RW said…
what a lovely idea... I will start one this year. I have a garden journal...but never thought about a Christmas one... I have lots of bits o' paper I can tuck into it.
Keetha said…
I loved this post. That is a lovely idea.
Unknown said…
Your Christmas book - what a treasure. You do have a lovely home. Terrific views. Must be very satisfying.