one step closer

We went to Target on Monday.
I hear you when you say things like: my god, the display of consumerism! but I have to tell you, at nine in the morning, there is no better place to buy little things to send little boys all over the world, my mitten tree recipient, tissue paper, mailing supplies AND laundry detergent.

I had K with me so he set off for little things for the boy's stockings. Slinkys and beef jerky are the usual suspects.

I have one baby cousin left to buy a present for - and I've been scouring Etsy, and we need to buy presents for our boys. Fortunately (have I mentioned this?) each boy is asking for a large gift, so we can finish them up pretty quickly.

What I'm proudest of is that I thought to go to Target on Monday for the international gifts.
I usually don't remember that I need to purchase and mail the international gifts until a parcel from arrives from Japan.
But this year I have thought ahead.

I bought my mitten child (a 16 year old girl) a handbag, scarf glove set, and some lip gloss.
I like to think that these things will please her. I like to put myself in her position and be thrilled at the idea of having a groovy new purse and accessories - and who couldn't use lip gloss? When I'm shopping for my mitten kid I'm composing a letter to him or her in my head all about how I chose what I chose and how I hope they are pleased with the gifts - but, alas, I don't think we are allowed to write to the receiver of our gifts so it's all for naught.

I picked up some treats and toys to send to Italy and Paris (special note to Irene: send sausage ONLY - nothing else) and managed to remember to get mailing boxes and some other little things we needed.

This Nanoplomo business is getting tiresome, isn't it?
I post every day anyway - but, somehow, having it hanging over me isn't helpful.
Anyway, it's almost December.

The hard drive on my laptop has crashed...K is doing medic work now...


Wendy said…
I'm not even officially doing the NaBloPoMo(and I could only write that because I can see your button for it as I type)and I feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with everyone's posts. I think I need to skip a day of reading just to be contrary.
Geggie said…
Happy Thanksgiving!
Anonymous said…
oh yeah, I'll send sausage ONLY.


(I'm sure you know exactly what look I have on my face right now)
Sarah Louise said…
happy thanksgiving, bb!
Nora :) said…
Happy Thanksgiving!
Anonymous said…
Wishing you and yours a peaceful, joyful Thanksgiving.
Anonymous said…
From my laptop to yours: get well soon!
alice c said…
I wish you and K and all your boys a Happy Thanksgiving today.
Unknown said…
Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful for you and your blog. Your perspective and voice and world add immeasurably to my own.

Giving thanks for Say La Vee and bb!
Anonymous said…
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving...I am sure the food was to die for.
Stephanie said…
Happy Thanksgiving! :)

haha on the label - love it.
TheOneTrueSue said…
Yes, I'm so weary of Nablopomo, just because I cannot keep up with reading and commenting on the blogs I love. I will be very glad on December 1st. How kind of you to put so much thought into those gifts. Happy Thanksgiving BB!