minor injuries

foil cutter

Foil cutter. Broken some time last week.


Curtain rod. Slipped off hardware sometime in October.

lamp shade

Lampshade. Melted during the winter of 2004.


Faucet. Cold water tap valve disintegrated in September. Hot water handle cracked and glued in August.


Fourth stair rail down. Not attached since 1994.


Furnace. High pressure since last night.


Lamp. Ring connecting shade to base missing since 2006.

paper towel

Paper towel holder. Missing screw since 2002.


K's right hand. Splinter. 10 am.


MizMell said…
Aren't you glad you can cross one of those things off your list as corrected?
Paula said…
I've learned from personal experience that you might umm, want to get on that furnace thing...I'm just sayin'
Boyd said…
Laughing...since just a few seconds ago!
Stephanie said…
love this.
Anonymous said…
Great post! But if I did this, the post would be so long it would crash your internets...
Badger said…
I am not going to make the obvious "missing a screw" joke. That's my little gift to you.
TSintheC said…
My heart breaks for the foil cutter. I depend on mine on a daily basis.
Sarah Louise said…
what a great post! I love getting things done.
tut-tut said…
What's a foil cutter? Do I need one??
Lovely clean sink. Did you use your spatula to scrape off the dried toothpaste?
Terese said…
Okay here's my maintenance to do list:
Frog pond pump, carport supports, stone flaggings, front door clearance, front door bell, shower curtain rail, final wooden step, one window sill, the atrium skylight, one entire wall of the basement,
All of these items are requiring a carpenter - home handyman/woman and several days of time.
I prefer your visual catalogue as it shows that some things we really can live with just the way they are.
So it's not just my house.
Mary said…
You do make me laugh when I most need it.

And I bet the splinter caused more distress than all the other stuff put together.
Heather said…
oh thank god it's not just me.
Anonymous said…
The same thing happened to our foil-cutter about a month ago. I haven't replaced it yet. I'm gouging the side of the capsule with the pointy end of the corkscrew instead. Works, but is terribly inelegant.
Anonymous said…
I'm totally in the dark about the foil cutter. Whay do you use it for? Don't all foil boxes come with that little built in edge to tear away what you need?
Unknown said…
Wow. Your brave.