lunch with friends from far away

K and I went into town yesterday to meet Irene and her family for lunch.
We met at a restaurant that has been part of our lives for decades.
As a child, I ate there many weekends, and when K and I were first seeing each other we would dash there for chocolate mousse....

It was a beautiful day yesterday, cool and crisp, and we stopped at the candy store for treats for Will and Sean. (This was especially cute as K and I worked hard to find things they wouldn't have in France, and K took special joy in choosing things like marshmallow french fries with sugar ketchup, while I chose things from my childhood, like candy necklaces.)

I realized, while waiting (for two minutes) in front of the building, that Irene had no way to recognize me. But all was not lost - she saw K and knew him right away for being tall with a little grey at his temples.

We all hugged and said bonjour and went inside...

We had plenty of time to talk and exchange gifts (she brought so MUCH) and admire the boys.

frozen hot chocolate

A special treat was ordered for Will and Sean.

playing and drinking

They barely stopped drinking to play with their Gameboy.
They were perfect gentlemen - both of them.
Irene taught me how to tell them apart. There is one tiny difference in their faces.
I tried to speak my baby talk French to each of them but I was not especially successful. It was hard to tell if I was asking them mangled questions or if they were too absorbed in Mario.

(It's been a very long time since we have had a lunch with two five year olds - or even one. But I must say that Sean and Will re-affirmed our faith in our abilities to sit with little children. They were PERFECT.)

K and Irene's husband traded production stories, we ate a yummy lunch, and Irene and I shared asthma stories, mom stories, and shoe stories.


The ring pops were a big hit.
As was the saucisson.

We had a lovely lovely time meeting them and spending time eating and chatting.

But we were merely a small part of their whirlwind tour of the city. And, after chocolate mousse and carrot cake, we made our way outside.

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We posed for photos, hugged and laughed some more, and they headed off for the zoo.

K and I walked to the car and went home, marveling at our new friends and their adorable little boys.

At home, gifts were dispersed, sweets were indulged in, and this morning each of my boys has a wee Eiffel Tower on his key chain.

Another trip to Paris is in our plans for the future.


MizMell said…
Why is it that as the end of the year nears, we tend to socialize more?
Not that I'm anti social or anything... I'm really not. But I feel like my time is so limited and there is so much to do... I think I need to watch it or I'll fall into a holiday panic!
I'm comfy with Friday Night Get Togethers.
How wonderful! I love that you got the treats for the boys. Ring Pops and candy necklaces are absolutely right.
Anonymous said…
bb, we had so much fun yesterday. meeting you and K was definitely one of the highlights of our little family trip. we miss you already. thank you so much for everything. xoxo

ps: heading for the museum now!
Alice said…
Ooh! How lovely!
Now when do I get to go to that malt shop?
tut-tut said…
I bet that restaurant begins with an "S" . . .

Aren't you lucky to meet up with Irene and her family? Blogs are opening up the path so many friendships around the globe. I'm constantly amazed.
Anonymous said…
Oh, is that the place where the movie was shot, teh same place where I had a 3 hr wait and turned on my heels when I heard that news?
And, do you realize we don't have a picture of us?
That's a shame. I have to constantly struggle to close my eyes and picture you in my mind and hard.
Elaine said…
So jealous that you got to meet Irene! Some day she'll come to SoCal or we'll get back to Paris and I'll get to meet her and the boys!
Anonymous said…
What fun! That chocloate drink looks suspiciously like what Agustus Gloop fell into...

Unknown said…
Those pics are precious.
Anonymous said…
First: European or internationally raised children are generally very, very well behaved in restaurants - I do not know the reason for this.

Second: Have you told us all the story of how you and K met, the charming days and all that? If you have and I have forgotten I apologize, but I think a little flashback to the early days might be quite nice.
Anonymous said…
I'm a big fan of the frozen hot chocolate and the over-the-top decor, too...always more fun when accompanied by five year old boys!
Caset said…
oh wow... that chocolate thing looks amazing! I would keep quiet and be well behaved if I had one of those to sip on!
Mary said…

You would know my thoughts on that particular subject.
Suse said…
Oh how lovely that you go to meet!

I'm jealous of you both.
Suse said…
GOT to meet. GOT.
Anonymous said…
You know how I love Irene! She is beautiful inside and out.

How did you prevent yourself from pinching the beautiful cheeks of the boys? Did you sit on your hands, or what?
alice c said…
I sometimes feel that Tuvalu is the centre of the world. And I am not sure who to be most envious of ....Irene for meeting you...or you for meeting Irene and her lovely family. I think I am just going to retire to a corner and sulk.
Stephanie said…
I've always wanted a frozen hot chocolate from there.

You have quite the global friend network. How lovely. :)
Susie Sunshine said…
How many people tried to join your table because it was the funnest in the whole place?!

(sniffle) Wish I could have been there....