it's tuesday, let's talk about my nasal passages

I was somewhat productive yesterday.
I cleaned the kitchen.
I picked up Middle's room, changed his sheets and retrieved at least a case of empty drink containers.
I changed the sheets on my bed and put away two loads of laundry.
I kept K company on a wine run.

But, in the hour between the wine run and fetching Youngest to bring him to the pulmonary doctor, I sat my butt down on the sofa. The divan. The smushy greenish collection of pillows in my living room, and it was educational.

First, I learned that Christmas is upon us. I know you all knew that - but I thought I'd mention it.

Next, I saw an interview with Kate Winslet on The View. I'm liking Whoopi on the view. I think I could have drinks with her. But the interesting thing I learned is that Kate is 5'6" tall and wears a size 11 shoe.

I answered the phone at one point (and had to DRAG MYSELF off the couch) and chatted with a lovely woman from a research company. She wanted me to watch and review a half hour sitcom and I answered all the pertinent questions. Sadly, our friendly conversation was cut short when she asked if anyone in my household works in television, marketing or advertising.
I knew she wouldn't be able to send me a dvd from the get-go and I tried to explain it to her early on, but she insisted on going through all the questions.

Did you know that several of the blonds on All My Children are now brunettes? I guess the hair/makeup person is moving into fall colors.

I'm so happy we don't have to buy little kid toys anymore. I saw a commercial for this and just can't wrap my head around it. And the toys I saw commercials for yesterday were so disappointing. Kids don't really play with toys anymore, do they? Middle bought a pinkie ball the other day and is thrilled with it.

Antonio Banderas does the voice of the bee in the Nasonex commercial. He was a bee long before Jerry Seinfeld. And speaking of Nasonex - I seem to have developed a cold. I had that moment yesterday wherein you suddenly realize that you are about to have a cold. Say what you will, but I am a finely tuned machine.

Picture 2

I use this every morning and every evening. I find it effective in keeping my delicate nasal passages, um fresh?

As you may recall, I used to be addicted to this -

Picture 3

And, in the recent past, I have found this to be quite effective during allergy season.

Picture 4

But last night, I dug through a bag and found this.

Picture 1

I got this at Blogher. There was a basket of them on our lunch table. The table for Mom's Who Curse. HELL YEAH. (Actually, that joke got old fast.)
So I shot some of it up my nose. It's "unique scent" blew the top of my head off.
And I'm confused about whether it is supposed to stave off a cold or just clear my nose.

What I knew I needed, what K ran out and got for me, was this:

Picture 5

The Wonder Remedy.

I may not be so productive today.


Badger said…
We love oscillo ovah heah.

I have a whole post brewing about how I weaned myself off Afrin (FINALLY!) with Breathe Right Nasal Strips. But I know I'm still an addict because the idea of squirting Vicks directly into my nasal passages appeals me me like you would not believe.

My girl child still wants toys for her birthday and Christmas. My boy child wants stuff like soldering irons and Java programming books. Oy.

Feel better!
Badger said…
Or "appeals TO me", even.
alice c said…
I think that the proper Blogland etiquette in this situation is to say (((HUGS))). I feel a bit uncomfortable about it because it is outside my usual vocabulary but I want to do what is right. Especially if you are are not well.
tut-tut said…
I can't wrap my head around that thing, either. Can you say, "creating a future market"?

Draw yourself a hot bath, throw some essential oil in, and just be.
Sounds like today needs to be a day spent on the sofa with a stack of magazines and a cup of whatever makes you feel better.

Even if I had little children, they would not be getting that piece o' plastic crapola. Whatever happened to just riding regular bikes?
Anonymous said…
man, i am LOVIN' kids toys these days. the disney store has all those ridiculously priced "premiere" edition dresses based of characters, and it makes me so upset that i'm 24.

i actually told my husband yesterday when we were out shopping that i would like a toy for christmas. i don't know which one, but a toy.
Paula said…
Stationary bikes for tikes. Hmm. They just want to take all the fun out of childhood.
Unknown said…
Wow, that smart cycle is...amazing.

It's ugly and scary and fascinating and it looks kinda fun in a twisted way. Cycling through letters of the alphabet -- it's like reading but with your feet. I wish they made toys like these in minimalist matches-with-crate-and-barrel-furniture styles. I have the same issue with cat furniture. Perhaps this has something to do with why I do not have a cat.
She She said…
I'm sure we'll see a lot of childhood obesity "toys" on the market soon. I can't decide if I'm more appalled or sad. On the other hand, just the mention of Kate Winslet's name cheers me. And the fact that she has enormous feet makes me love her even more.
I think the best part about the link for the kiddo exercise bike was how completely unenthused the little boy on it looked. And eh...also like he is destined to become the fat kid. Please don't hit me with a plastic toy, I know that was kinda mean.

I hope you feel better! Oscillo is quite possibly the best thing EVER. How can teeny little sugar pills make you feel SO much better?
RW said…
I have never heard of of oscillococcinum. I do hope you feel better soon.
Poppy B. said…
I need to print out this post and carry it in my wallet so when I'm thinking I might be coming down with a cold I can stop into a Whole Foods and buy a bottle or box or whatever of Occi--Oxydol?--Oxytocin?? Occi-whatever the fuck it's called.

Or just have K send me some. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Feel better, sweetie.
Annagrace said…
From one with yearly sinus issues to another--I'm sorry. Tonight you may want to try my very favorite way of staving off this sort of thing: hot water, fresh lemon juice and slices, honey, and a good-sized shot of whiskey.
Barbra said…
My kids (ages 2-7) play with lots of toys (the house is so full I don't know what to do)! But we don't buy them the toys that do all the playing for you (those seem to be the ones on the commercials).
I worry about what I will get them after they are done with toys, but you made me feel better about it.
My younger two are bowling next to me as I type this!
Pamper yourself today!
Anonymous said…
I've just been through your pharmacy here...
Feel better my dear. It's that time of the year, even over here everybody is sickish...Christmas already? Not ONE gift has been even thought about.
Anonymous said…
I hope you feel better soon.
Anonymous said…
Hi! I've been lurking for (oh wow) over a year now. My best friend introduced me to your blog the summer before we started college, and now I'm a sophomore.

Anyway, I felt compelled to comment because I used to work for a marketing research firm that telephoned people to recruit them to watch episodes of TV shows in order to get their opinions. There aren't all that many companies who do this particular I can't help but wonder if you were called by an old coworker of mine...

I feel like singing "It's a Small World After All."

Gosh, it feels good to de-lurk.

Mary Katherine
Anonymous said…
You sure have the major anti-snotbag medicine.
I've been a snotbag for three weeks now, can't get my flu shot until I'm well.
Oh, and that exercycle may not only be for the moms trying to get their kids fit, it might rather be the over protective moms who won't let their kids ride a "real bike" because it's too dangerous.
At least, that is how my twisted mind interpreted it.
I'm intrigued by the oscilloccocy/oxycontin/whatever. And do you think the pending cold was why you wanted to go back to bed yesterday? In any case I hope you're on the mend soon. Colds are crap.
Emery Jo said…
I wrote the name of the oscillokhfdzoifh stuff down, because I am sure I will need it in the near future.

Chris and I were talking last night about that bike toy- and how it would quickly turn into a dust collector in the corner of whoever was silly enough to buy it.

What in the world??
BabelBabe said…
my children will receive the usual boring stuff - legoes and some playmobil hickeythingeys and crayons and paper and maybe some new umbrellas and some hockey equipment so they don't lose their teeth or gonads.

No dust-collecting big plastic bike thing that is smarter than their mama for ME.
and they will turn out just fine. i hope. dear god.
Have you ever tried Zicam? It works for me, I've never heard of oscillococcinum but what a great name its like something from mary poppins!
blackbird said…
Kristina: I'm allergic to zinc, the main ingredient in Zicam and lots of other cold remedies...
TheOneTrueSue said…
Hope you are feeling better. What a strange "toy." My kids are more into - blocks and dolls and cars. So far we've resisted the allure of the video / tv oriented games. Yikes.
Mary said…
I hope you are feeling better too.

Being at home for much of the day I long ago realised that if I sat down on the couch for ONE minute I would be a goner.

Somehow though I don't seem to apply the same logic to sitting in front of this computer.
Anonymous said…
Surely I'm not the only one who had to Google pinky ball?
Hope you feel better soon, BB.

MizMell said…
I've been taking the herbal route with Lemon Balm and Astragalus Root. So far, so good...
Stephanie said…
Size ELEVEN?? yikes.

I hope you are feeling better soon.
~ej said…
boiron flu melts, LOVE them and the cold melts too....