an interview with Youngest

Are you looking forward to going to high school next year?

What might you ask for for Christmas?
It's a battle between a tablet and a video game.

Tell us about your hair -
I'm going to trim it soon.

Favorite television show?
Whitest Kids U'Know.

Do you have a special skill you'd like to talk about?
Um, I'm pretty good at drawing.

What size shoe do you wear?
6 1/2 in Converse, 7 in dress shoes, so I guess a 7.


Jennifer said…
I'm looking forward to the days where I can ask my kids questions and I will get more of a response then "shoulders shrugged" and I don't remembers.

You're kids are great!
Sarah Louise said…
That's an actual TV show?
I think his feet are roughly the same size as mine. Hmmm.
Mary said…
Although the image of him putting candy corn on his teeth is


am i right when I say he seemed to provide the clearest responses of all. No disrespect to your other lovely two.
Badger said…
How did I know Youngest would be the only one who knew his shoe size?

I hope you're interviewing K as well. I'll start you off: what's your favorite cheese? And what's your favorite salt? There, just add in something about his job, along with the hair and shoe bits, and you're done.
Heather said…
because he wears dress shoes far more frequently than he wears Converse?
Stephanie said…
I loved these interviews. I'm going to interview James.

Your boys are just right.