an interview with Middle

Did anything interesting happen at school today?
Ehhh, me and my friend had one of the cameras for the yearbook club and it had an external flash mounted on it and we flashed it in kids eyes.

Is photography your favorite class right now?
Nyy. Probably.

Are you the kind of guy who puts spiders outside or smushes them?

What's the deal with your hair?
Undecided right now. Just keeping it black.

Favorite television show?
Mmmmm, probably Myth Busters.

Favorite airplane/helicopter?
F22 Raptor, it's an airplane. It's a 5th generation fighter craft, that uses 4th generation stealth technology. It can target 20 different targets simultaneously at up to, I believe, ten miles away.

What size shoe do you wear?
I have no idea.


Suse said…
I like a lad with firm opinions about aircraft.
Badger said…
May I suggest the devilock? It's ... oh, nevermind.

My boy loves Myth Busters. And How It's Made. And Build It Big, or whatever it's called. He actually TiFauxs them so he can watch them on the weekends.
Anonymous said…
You have apparently discovered the secret to getting a teenage boy to talk at length -- ask him about weapon-bearing aircraft. Works every time.
tut-tut said…
I don't know any post-teenage/teenage boys, so this series is quite enlightening . . .
The difference betgween boys and girls. You ask the boy a question and you get a one word or sentence answer. You ask the girl a question and you better settle in for a 10 minute monologue that will include the sentence "Mom, I wasn't done yet"
alice c said…
I am so with him on Myth Busters. I especially liked the one where they shot out the locks. And the balloon one. Definitely better than Police Chase Confidential
Anonymous said…
My 6 year old is also obsessed with the F22 Raptor aeroplane- so much, in fact that I had to make him a Raptor birthday cake!
It's on my blog (end Sept)if you'd care to look!
Anonymous said…
I'm wondering if youngest also doesn't know what size shoe he wears...
blackbird said…
Janet clare - blog addy please!
I'm interesting to me that he knows so much about fighter aircraft and yet nothing about his shoe size. Boys!
Susan said…
I have the same sort of conversations with my seven-year-old. Glad to see that nothing will change.
Mary said…
Oh the incisiveness with which he dealt with the favourite airplane question.

Aren't boys gorgous?
Saoirse said…
Looking forward to youngest's interview...
KPB said…
Here's the thing.
Myth Busters simply SHITS me to tears.
It's the moustache but much much worse, it's the beret.
Prats. That's who. Nerdy, geeky, scientific bratz prats.

And the plane thing - how do boys know this shit? I mean, he could in all honesty be making it up because I defy the notion there is anyone with female bits going and checking up on anything he said when it came to the F22 Raptor.
(My brother used to own a Janes catalogue or something along those lines which catalogued every plane ever made. GEEKGEEKGEEKGEEKGEEKGEEK)