an interview with K

For Badger...

What's your favorite cheese?
Tomme de savoir.

Your favorite salt?
Fleur de sel.

What has been the best project you've worked on?
The film for which I traveled around the world.

The worst?
Oy. The music video for Steve Winwood that we worked on for 36 hours straight, and then Steve Winwood didn't show up because the director never discussed the concept with him.

Are you the kind of person who smushes spiders or puts them outside?
Badger wants to know this? I smush them...

Do YOU know what size shoe you wear?


Badger said…
I don't actually care whether he smashes spiders... but my image of Steve Winwood is now SHOT TO HELL.
Well crap, I didn't even know there were salts beyond basic salt and kosher salt. I'm feeling woefully uneducated at the moment.
Anonymous said…
i worked on that job....

i went to pick up pigeons. Helped the guy clip their wings.

got to the stage opened the box.....

they all flew right to the top of the stage. that was the highlight of that shoot.

Anonymous said…
I should clarify, I worked on the crappy steve winwood video.....not the round the world film.....

Kate said…
Any man who has a favorite salt is well...worth his salt - ha ha!

enjoyable blog!