in which the theory that I like the idea of Anthropologie better than the actual garments is confirmed

I was browsing through the Anthropologie holiday pages today when I decided that, out of context, an Anthro wardrobe might not be for me.
I know, I know, I have a love/hate thing going on with the place, but hear me out.

still life

Sometimes the art direction is better than the individual products.
I don't even know what is being sold in this picture, and it doesn't matter. The vase? The pitcher? The key? Note to me: pick up some white gourds.

blouse 2

Again with the key and the gourd. Pretty blouse. Bust enhancing. Can't wear it. Can't wear it with white pants in the winter. She looks like she should be in a Cymbalta commercial.
(You'll have to look that up, I'm too lazy to find it.)


Would this dress be as interesting if I wasn't staring into space whilst holding an empty bird cage?


Forget frames and mats, I'm taping my botanicals to the walls from now on. She looks cold, don't you think? And she's wearing a sweater.


I thought I liked this blouse. I thought about buying it to wear during the holidays, but now that I've seen it here I've decided that it looks like a nightshirt.


Outdressed by a chair.


I like the bags, but I LOVE the burlap.
I need to talk to K about burlap for the bottom half of our dining room.
(Do you think it would look too Trading Spaces?)

In conclusion: I've just saved a fortune, but the pictures are pretty.


Poppy B. said…
I discovered one of my sisters-in-law loves Anthropologie. I'm planning on giving her a gift certificate for Christmas. Why don't I make her tell me what she bought with it, and then I can tell you, and we can both live vicariously?

Also, IMO, burlap on the bottom half of the dining room walls = cleaning nightmare.
Anonymous said…
Dearest BB.

No burlap. End of discussion.

Nora :) said…
I think the whole thing with Anthropologie is just being incredibly selective. I have a couple of pieces purchased online (no stores nearby) that I wear to death, but I do get quite a few styling ideas for both my body and my house from the catalogs and website.

And I concur with the cleaning nightmare that burlap as wallpaper would pose. My dog's hair would cling like crazy to it.
Barbra said…
My best friend adores Anthropologie, but I have never bought anything for myself there. (I can't help thinking I would like everything better if I had found it in the vintage shop.) That is, until the latest catalog came to my door--there is a red/black/white blouse in there that I HAVE to have. Tra la!
KPB said…
so that's what burlap is.
No to the burlap.
From burlap it appears to me you're only moments away from tearing pages from some old book and pasting them to the wall as wallpaper.

Yes, you are correct with your thoughts on that shirt looking like a nightshirt.

Once the word macrame is springing to mind it's time to move on.
Anonymous said…
Unless you are 20-twentysomething,waiflike, have pre-Raphaelite hair, and are as tall as Heidi Klum, Anthro clothes make you look like you dressed at the local Sally Ann.

At least on me....
Anonymous said…

I am actually pasting pages from a vintage book onto the wall of my hall tomorrow.....

Note that I'm posting this on YOUR blog so my husband doesn't do a K.

Carol said…
I was going to say "go for it" with the burlap until I read all the cons.

Actually - keep the dog out of the dining room and do what you want!
MizMell said…
I like what the chair is wearing...
Wendy said…
No to the burlap for all of the above reasons. Use it for a tablecloth instead. It's so cheap that when it gets stained you can get rid of it. It'd look nice draped around the base of a Christmas tree too.
Julie said…
My mom put dark green burlap on two short walls framing a bay window in our family room. In the early 70's. I liked it then, but I wouldn't do it now.

We knitters like to look at Anthro for ideas.
jade said…
OK... I should confess before I comment that I have a blog about Anthro... so I am a fan. But maybe you are like me, in that I am more of a fan of the home and accessories items than the clothes! It's possible.