in which Middle photodocuments a trip to the drug store

I needed some things.
I made Middle come with me.
He took photos.


Aisles and aisles of possibilities.
We came for dye and cards.


Don't need no diapers. Thank god.


Middle thinks the cane, or walking stick, will be the accessory of 08. He thinks we each should have one. There are plenty to choose from.

intense dark

Intense dark sounds like MORE than CHOCOLATE, don't you think?

reindeer dispenser

I think we all know what the reindeer 'dispenses' don't we.


So many emotion filled choices.

cat card

Perhaps this one isn't AS emotional.

from the fun couple

Perfect. Fill in the caption yourselves.

self <span class=

Self portrait in card section.


They shoot horses, don't they.


One can purchase a seasonal wardrobe.

shiny stuff

Or Christmas bling.

color check

A perfect match.

banana hanger


kissing dogs

We bought enough cards to get the free kissing dogs.

red now

Everything is red now.


Tammy said…
love your photo posts! The bench/leaves pic is beautiful. I love the leaves on the bench back. Is this the same area that was covered in "yellow snow" in an earlier post?
Badger said…
Redrum! Redrum!

Oh, sorry. I think I'm just thirsty.

And hey! I thought you were a Coueleurere Expierteee gal. Or whatever that other L'Oreal crappe is called. (Those French and their vowels, I sweah.)
tut-tut said…
What a whirl! I think I'm dizzy now . . .
Stephanie said…
Oh, those leaves are GORGEOUS.

"Intense" makes me kind of nervous. I want my chocolate to be relaxing.
Anonymous said…
I am compelled to ask. What will you do with the kissing dogs?
TheOneTrueSue said…
Wow, is that a real picture of the leaves? Amazing...

Drug stores are full of such totally random crap. Canes? Plastic horses? Sometimes I would like to just run into one of those corner drug stores to buy the things I need instead of going to a full on grocery store, but I never know if what I need will be there; however, I know there will be plenty of stuff I DON'T need.
Woooh. Those wonky pictures made me feel drunk!! ...wait maybe I am still drunk...
blackbird said…
Tammy - same bench.

Badger - my hair is too short for the L'oreal with highlights's expensive and I don't have room for special highlights.

Carol - kissing dogs are going to Middle's girlfriend.

Sue - thankfully, we also have a drug store that is JUST A DRUG STORE.
Anonymous said…
Little red hands all over your bench.
Jess said…
LOVE the last photo. Also the pressed tin ceiling in your drugstore.
RW said…
I too, love the photos to augment the text... my point and shoot digital has gone missing AGAIN... I am certain it is in the bowels of my daughter's room!
Saoirse said…
So, given that I, too, live in a yard that is COVERED with leaves at various times, although not as beautifully as the Bird lawn, I have to ask: leaf blower or rakes?

True confession: I "have a guy" who does mine. (leaves and snow, that's all--nothing exciting, but that's a post for another day!)
Just HOW EARLY do you get up? You post at the crack of dawn. We discussed kiss-kiss stuffed animals at work. You can't make same-sex couples, the magnets won't work. Our new motto is "until all stuffed animals can kiss-no stuffed animals will kiss"
Caset said…
i wonder if my drug store will give me free kiss kiss dogs....

the leaves here definitely do not look like that last picture. I am jealous.
Anonymous said…
I love that blogging is a family affair with you. Teenagers are my favorite; they are so amazingly creative. Your red leaves photo is my new wallpaper -- thanks!
Annagrace said…
That's what I miss about the east--the fall colors. Sometimes we get them here, but mostly up the mountains as it starts raining about the time everything should be turning brilliant. My one consolation is the evergreen winters...
Anonymous said…
BANANA HANGER! Actually, I like mine... but look for them at the Goodwill, for a buck instead, for the love of recycling.

Love the leaf pic.
Anonymous said…
Oh Bb. I really, really love these pics.
1. I get to see you (partly, but I can make the whole if I close my eyes...)
2. I can enjoy Middle creativity
3. Your backyard (or front lawn or whatever it is) is AWESOME. The beauty of the leaves colour bring me tears. In a good way.
I thought you were a Surya henna person...

The leave photo is amazing. I actually flinched, the red was so intense.
Unknown said…
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blackbird said…
Saorise - that would be RAKES.

Little Miss - I get up at 6:30, with the boys, and post sometime between then and 9ish.

kmkat - you're welcome~

Paola - the next time you visit you will come to my HOUSE.

jen on the edge - I usually am a henna person, but it's hard to find it in the stores near me...
Caterina said…
That last pic ROCKS.

Badger and lil' miss sunshine made me laugh :)
Anonymous said…
banana hanger...LOL......oh the joy that line has given me and hte awful head visualization of a banan hammock. Please. Make. It. Stop.
I love the leaves...LOVE THEM.
Unknown said…
What great pics, especially the last one!
Mary said…
It was good to see what an American drugstore looks like.

That last photo?

Needs to be framed and put on a wall.
kt said…
Ok, betwixt the kissing same-sex-or-otherwise dogs, the banana hanger and caron's pithy comment, my mind has run amuck.

Bad kt, mind out of the gutter girl!
islaygirl said…
amazing leaf photo. THIS is why i miss the tuvaluan area. is that photoshopped?
MizMell said…
I have a banana hanger that Pop made for me with remnants from a church pew. Definitely can't get one like that a a drug store.
Anonymous said…
Let's never rake leaves again!
Unknown said…
Wowsa on the leaves

I'm with Annagrace: it's one of the things I miss most about the East Coast.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the funniest blog I have read in a long time. I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. It warms my heart that there are people out there who see the insanity going on around us in the name of capitalism.
~ej said…
gorgeous bench and red leaves photo....
stepping into those pharmacy stores is an experience in @ the horses ;)