I'll take it, or not

It's time for my annual fantasy Christmas shopping.
What's that you say? It's only November 14th?
Yeah, well, I've had this post in drafts for a week.

I'm going to cover FAO Schwarz today. They don't send me their catalogue anymore, probably because I never bought anything, but I've outsmarted them and looked on line.
I do need to say, though, that I am not as impressed this year with their selections.
There isn't anything that truly knocks me out.
I did manage to find some items of interest:

advent stockings

I love the whole advent tradition and this seems like a pretty way to celebrate.
You crafty bloggers will have no trouble recreating this.
At $45 FAO doesn't even FILL the darn things.

new baby dolls

I love doll babies. But these doll babies creep me the hell out.

fashion doll

Robert Tonner makes these dolls -

Picture 11

I'm afraid they are giving me the willies too. I'd like to buy ten or twelve of them and play Australia's Next Top Model.

No one is playing with these, right?


And you buy this one to match your daughter's decor, I think...

green doll

Hollywood Hostess Barbie is more my speed.


But act fast, there are only 10,000 of her worldwide.

Picture 9

If I'm buying a Barbie, I'd like her to be wearing some clothing.

This year, my heart belongs to The Reem Acra Bride Barbie. There are only 1000 of her.
"Her flowing train creates exceptional drama."

Picture 10

I am disappointed to report that there were no incredibly lavish doll houses for me to post.
Perhaps there is a crunch in the doll housing market.

But, instead of giving a child a scale replica of her own home, you could design her own tutu.


Colors and accessories can be customized for your little (or big) ballerina.

If she doesn't dance you always have the option of ordering her a custom couture fashion design kit, although, it's $895.00 and I'm pretty sure a few yards of red tulle is a lot cheaper.

red dress

All the kids I know are pretty handy making costumes from things in their own homes, so I'm not sure what the deal is with this gift.

In the same vein, there is a design your own monster kit. At $249, it's much less expensive -

make your own monster

but I'm pretty sure that anyone could have their child draw a monster and then stuff a pillowcase. Am I right here? Am I over thinking this? Does this look like it's worth $249?

Now this is cute...

five little monkeys

Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed! One fell off and bumped his head, Mamma called the doctor and the doctor said....
Ha! Earworm.
All this set-up is missing is a phone. SO YOU CAN CALL THE DOCTOR.
Cute cute cute.

And, speaking of adorable stuffed animals...

hammerhead shark

okay, maybe not adorable, but this is the kind of thing FAO is known for.

Middle has decided to add this to his Christmas list -


Don't you love its expression?
The hippo is the heaviest land mammal after the elephant. You're welcome.


star wars

this is what Middle would really kill for. But I'd have to put an extension on my house.

I'm going to order this for Oldest - or maybe for myself.

$9000 jeep <span class=

It's a 2/3 scale replica of a 1942 Jeep Willys. It's $9900, which is more than the car he drives cost, by a long shot. It's gasoline powered engine can do 20 miles per hour, it has working headlights and real canvas seats.
Forget it.

You know what I'd love to do?
I'd like to give everyone I know one of these -

<span class=

I'd custom design them for the 30 or so people on my list. I'd put lots of thought into each one.
And there would be no way anyone wouldn't smile and laugh at receiving a teddy for Christmas.

Too bad my shopping is done, eh?


MizMell said…
I'm a Barbie fan. I still have lots of them packed away in storage with all their clothes and cute little shoes.I haven't bought one in YEARS.
I'm holding out for Mid-Life Barbie or Menopausal Barbie...
BabelBabe said…
I dig that shark. but i sorta have a shark fetish. i know, i am weird.
Birchsprite said…
I love these posts! You find such an amazing collection of stuff.
Jess said…
No, you do the phone with your fingers!

(extend thumb and pinky, tuck rest of fingers in) mama called the doctor
(fold all fingers in, point with (um?) pointer finger, shake hand)
and the doctor said...

Sorry. We do that one A LOT.
Fricken monkeys.

Have you ever been on the ThisNext website? Very nice.
RW said…
my daughter wears her first real tutu during her Christmas recital. It is fabulous and she is very excited.
Emery Jo said…
It's almost like, if they make their crap reeeeallly expensive, then people will want to but it or something.

I think I'll try selling my "vintage" (read: cheap, used) hairbrushes for $698.00 on eBay.

Anonymous said…
Dang, unless that monster kit comes with a sewing machine, that's outrageous!

Anonymous said…
that jeep would have rocked around here...
Geggie said…
The Tonner dolls in black look like their "Addicted to Love".
Jennifer said…
The only baby doll that freaks me out is the blue eyed one with it's mouth open!
Anonymous said…
If your shopping is already done, you have to be a freak of nature.
In a good way, of course.
Anonymous said…
Ooh. Geggie beat me to it. I want them and a Robert Palmer doll and some little plastic guitars that they don't know how to play to go with them.
Caterina said…
Ditto what Geggie and Kathyr said about those RP dolls.

Some of these toys make me happy I have a lil' boy (and not a girl). I do want that Five Little Monkeys thing :)
Unknown said…
I've never been a barbie fan only because I NEVER GOT ONE. I got a Trisha doll one year and it looked like Barbie but you pressed a button and the Hair pulled out. It was stupid and I was PISSED. I thought FAO SCHWARTZ went out of business...well if they haven't they should. I buy my grandchildren's toys at FLEET FARM ..they last for about as long as the kids are interested in them.
Geggie said…
Not so much of a Barbie fan, but I love the advent stockings and the monkeys!!
I think Bride Barbie's dress must have cost more than my real wedding dress. And I really do love the monkeys jumping on the bed.
TheOneTrueSue said…
I counted our Barbies the other day. We have 26 Barbies, 13 of the little sister dolls, one Barbie dreamhouse and three Princes. Those lucky Princes. Mattel has us right where they want us. But I'm cheap - I like the $9 Barbies.
Anonymous said…
When my boys were 7 and 6, the house was full of Tonka, Lego, toy dinosaurs, and I loved it. That Christmas Eve, when it was finally quiet, my husband gave me a beautiful Barbie, dressed in a smashing evening gown, complete with tiara. Just typing that gets me teary all over again at how thoughtful and sweet he is.

Thanks for the flashback, BB.

KPB said…
OK, so the creepy babies - we had one of those - a boy one even, for oscar when Felix was born - you know the whole, so he had a baby to play with kinda thing. That weird shit you do when you're having your second and freaking out the first is going to develop some abandonment complex or some such nonsense. Anyway, we ordered it through my SIL who could get them through her work at a long daycare and when it arrived, it was big, and scary and menacing with it's weird wide-eyes that follow you wherever you go eyes. it was called scary doll and whatever the boys wanted to do to it - which basically involved drawing in texta all over it - was allowed. Hideous creepy baby dolls.

Those barbie wannabes are clearly modelled on whatshisname's addicted to love video clip.

I'm on a dolls house quest which I have, quite naturally, left too late.

I hate teddy bears. They don't make me laugh and smile. I just immediately think 'dust collector'. Because my heart? Is cold and dead. Like steel.
Anonymous said…
I love the Barbies and I am a little disappointed about not seeing some dollhouses. You just HAD to mention it. As for the bear, they have this at the mall, called "build a bear" just shove a music box in the tummy before they sew it up. Of course, you have to be creative on how to wind it up.
Karla May said…
I NEED that hippo.

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As in, "WTF, George W.?"