he's allowed to drive

number 197

Oh, yes, number 197ww342 has gotten his learner's permit.

It involved much waiting on line -


a trip home for further identification, and a written test. Which he passed! Without studying!
Apparently there are more questions concerning drinking and driving than there are about actual DRIVING, and he's done as much drinking as he has driving, which is to say: VERY LITTLE.
But, in any event, he passed.
And he drove.


I was at home the whole time. And I'm very pleased about that.

I may take a couple of days off now that I've finished this month.
I may not.

I'll let you know - the antibiotics are working, sadly, the ashram visit did not.



Geggie said…
Congrats Middle.

And THANK GOD NaBloblahblah is over.
Saoirse said…
I love reading your blog, but BE GOOD TO YOURSELF and definitely take some time off!
KPB said…
Driving. Children.
Oh my head.

Don't take a few days off.
tut-tut said…
L also has her learner's permit . . .
Badger said…
Yay, Middle!
Unknown said…
So maybe he can drive himself to school and extra curricular activities? Where we live having my son drive is not an option, its a necessity. Congratulations!
TheOneTrueSue said…
Uh Oh. Watch out Tuvalu!
Yay Middle!

As for you, rest up and come back refreshed!
BOSSY said…
Oy, Bossy thinks they should offer a very special over-the-counter medication to ease the concerns of parents of a new driver. Like heroin.
Amy A. said…
I wish my daughter had no interest in driving! We are holding her off.

Congratulations on finishing the month. It's been a pleasure.
TSintheC said…
Shortman has had his official license for 6 weeks now. I haven't stopped drinking since he got the damn thing.
Anonymous said…
Once it had been established that #2 son could drive adequately without constant maternal supervision (Slow down! Watch out for that rock! Slow down! Back off from that car ahead of you! Slow down!) he became the designated driver in our household. I can knit instead of drive, and when we all go out for dinner my husband and I cand BOTH have a beer if we want. Here's hoping it works as well for y'all.
Sarah said…
Congrats to Middle and congrats to Blackbird for writing elegant posts every day. You rock!
Miz S said…
Oh, God. The driving teenagers. I hate it, I tells ya!
Pretty Things said…
Yay, he passed first time! I, however, did not, thanks to a sticking gas pedal, an instructor without a sense of humor, and a failure to understand that "left turn" did not mean "U-turn".
Paula said…
I never-not-once rode in the car while one of my boys drove with their learner's permit.

I gave them life so their dad had to teasch them how to drive.