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From K's most valued client with regard to the final cut of a film K finished for him on Wednesday:


All three are good.
Thanks again for getting this done in record time with minimal input on my part. I appreciate it. Have a happy and filling Thanksgiving.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at E's house (K's mom). Middle and I sat at the children's table - an antique sewing machine table up against the window. Everything outside was golden.
(I'll try and put up some pictures.) And the food was amazing. I love turkey dinner and ate far too much. Middle was a very sweet little date and it was like we were in a bistro...a bistro that only serves carbs.

One of the dinner guests was a neighbor who is from Turkey. She has proved herself a valuable friend to S and her husband and I've been getting to see her more and more over the last month or so. She had a box with her full of tiny cups and coffee. After dinner she made Turkish coffee for us all. Rich and dark and slightly foamy, she served it in the tiny cups with a piece of Turkish Delight on the side. We all sat and drank - SO good, and then she had us swirl our cups and flip them over on their saucers. And THEN she told our fortunes.
It was fascinating - she seemed to capture each of us in our cups -
Uncle A isn't talking about things on his mind and will have a visitor (true).
Aunt S is thinking of too many things (true).
Middle's heart is beating for someone and will have 2 good newses (sic).
I am neither happy nor sad and will take four short trips (true and who knows).
K has only one thing on his mind and will get big good news, but not now (what else is new).

She was fascinating and gracious and it was fun watching her look at the cups and speak quietly to each of us. It was such an interesting end to the evening.

We came home while leaves swirled around us. It was very windy and the temperature was dropping. We made it home in time for Survivor and it was that recap episode that I hate.
Blah blah blah. Recap recap recap. There were some good moments we hadn't seen before but, for the most part it was boring.

The bad thing about not cooking for a holiday is the lack of leftovers.
I'm hoping we can make club sandwiches for dinner tonight.

K and Middle are attending a private session at Apple today, learning a video program. They were very excited to go.
The rest of us are hibernating.


Birchsprite said…
It sounds like you had a good day
I love it when there are interesting guests who add so much to the conversation.

Hibernating is good.
Amy A. said…
Sounds like a nice day. I'm glad it was special for you.
KPB said…
What a wonderful meal and memory. And I did have a quiet chuckle at K's fortune. What else is new indeed.
I've done the same load of washing twice in the last three days and still haven't hung it out. I suspect the natives will soon be going mad about no clean pjs any day now.
RW said…
So you eat Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday night?

We usually eat the "big dinner" on the Sunday of our long weekend.
Anonymous said…
It sounds like your Thanksgiving was very nice. Thanks for the fortune teller story. I am someone who generally does not believe in such things, but am ultimately facinated by the perception of the tellers and their seeming ability to accurately predict stuff, as did your friend. A belated happy Thanksgiving to you, K, Oldest, Middle, Youngest and Beagle dog.

Caterina said…
The Turkey teacup lady reminded me of a dinner party I went to where someone did that to me. I was completely absorbed by it. My Aunt Patty has done the teacup thing as well. Sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving.
Anonymous said…
A Turkey lady on turkey day...I just realized that...precious.
MizMell said…
Be thankful for no leftovers in the house. The lack of leftovers may just keep you in the same size throughout the holidays!
Joke said…
OMG! Club sandwiches! Thanks for reminding my addled brain of this possibility.