when I am 50


or 60


or 70, even,


I will have clothes from Dosa.


Sometimes I think

printed blouse

I will buy myself an outfit from Dosa when

printed tunic

I am




Mother Of


The Groom.

white dress

I can imagine


people's faces, stunned that I am not wearing chiffon

<span class=


<span class=

the people who know me


and love me,


will nod and smile.

<span class=

It will be a natural progression.


alice c said…
Get out of my way - I WANT all of those clothes - except the dress at the top which would look ridiculous on me but lovely on you I am sure.
Wendy said…
Oh that metallic finish jacket would look fantastic with very short grey hair.

Perhaps you should start building your collection now, one gorgeous piece at a time. These beauties aren't ever going out of style.
If I ever find out you wore chiffon, I'm going to stage an intervention.

The photos of the clothes? FABULOUS.
She She said…
Gorgeous. You can wear them now.
Nora :) said…
Amazing. I am off to Google.
BOSSY said…
When Bossy is the mother of the Groom she won't need clothes because she will be confined to a psych ward.
Amy A. said…
There are a couple of things you could get away with now. The cute little short sleeve dress, for one.
Sarah Louise said…
Some of those items are purses, right? Not actually items you would wear per se?

I really like the scarves.
Caterina said…
The scarves, oh my. I really like the scarves.
Jackie said…
I've never heard of Dosa. But I like, I like.
BabelBabe said…
i love that little jacket with the bow. I couldn't pull it off, but you could. These are soooo your style. and if i ever saw you in chiffon, I would pass out.
Stephanie said…
I adore that brown dress with the darker brown, ruffly collar.

KPB said…
Knowing that you will never ever be a mother of the groom in some outfit in menopause blue is one of the reasons I love you so much.
Terese said…
I had never heard of Dosa, but now I have googled them and am enlightened. We don't have anything this modern, green, bold and gorgeous 'down under' - I am very jealous and will be writing to my sister in L.A. to investigate Dosa immediately.
The level of detail combined with the textiles in these clothes is amazing. Oldest will have one hip Mum at his wedding!
Pretty Things said…
You are so stinkin' creative!

And isn't it cool that the last photo, the shrug, has a bird in the lining????
Anonymous said…
When you are 60, I totally see you wearing one of those hostess getups that Lucy wears - like the satin overcoat over the capri pants, with your head pulled up and smoking with a long cigarette holder.

Yeah, that's the ticket!
Alice said…
hint hint
for Christmas!
scarlettm said…
Love the clothes. But there's no Dosa website...Guess I'll have to zip into the City.
Burgh Baby said…
I had never heard of Dosa, but I think I'm in love with this new stranger in my life. Now to find out how to touch some things in person . . .