a day at the museum

A note to all: K WAS JOKING. ABOUT THE TARTE TATIN. HE KNOWS QUITE WELL THAT YOU ARE ALL BRILLIANT, CAPABLE PEOPLE. Many thanks for all the recipes, for tarts as well as tartes.

Here's a lovely distraction from the whole Tatin experience -
a post by Youngest...

Hey everyone, Youngest here. I am going to do my best to sound like bb . After reading and living all of her posts this should be a cake walk. But one difference is I use emote icons XD .

So the story begins one Monday morning. I arrive at the train station to begin my journey and me and bb see no one. No kids, no teacher, no one. I see one boy come out of the ticket section and say, "oh they must be all inside." Bb says, " No if they were inside he wouldn't have come out" and I say "possible, should I go wait with him?" "No that kid has always been mean, I don't want you waiting with him," So I see 2 more people come out of the building and they aren't "meanies" so I say "can I wait with them?" Bb says yes, I say goodbye, she says "don't wander off alone EVER. "

So I walk up to the building and surprise surprise, everyone is inside. >.>
and my teacher is getting breakfast at Starbucks across the street.
-.- so we waited for like 10mins when we didn't have to.

But besides that everything is great. I meet up with my friends and my teacher and we get on our first train to the city. The train is nice and it doesn't smell or look disgusting so we all sat down and did a head count. Then my teacher passed around her cell phone number which every one programmed into theirs ( hehe I gotta test her number some time XD ) Then we wrote down our cell phone numbers on the attendance sheet, so she has ours too XD. Me and my good friend listen to Avenged Seven Fold, System Of a Down, and I introduce him to Nine Inch Nails.
We talk about the great parts of every song, and our favorites, which is usually followed up by a "hey do you know (insert band/song name)?" yes/no then either "AREN'T THEY AMAZING?" or "OH MAN! you would love them."

The greatest thing about my friend is he is a dying race of guys who can have a intellectual conversation with out spoiling it with some "your momma is ( insert word)" joke or "yah well..." and actually has a clue what he is talking about.

So we arrive at the subway and we each get a pass and go on to our next train while I'm saying in my head and out loud "this is the part where Youngest gets scared and freaks out." I stood WAY close to the walls by the platform and never let my teacher out of my sight. We go on our next train which was nothing compared to our last train. There was graffiti on the windows and it had that lighting that was like yellow and not white and the seats where like plastic. We packed in REALLY tight very uncomfortably and you were lucky if you didn't fall into the person behind you or in front of you at every stop.

We get out of there and I notice the section is numbered 666, aka heck, and we descend down to get to the trains. I share a chuckle with my other friends and we move on. To get to the museum we had to cross ONE street. And cars were going past us quick so it was like a GIANT game of frogger XD. So my friend runs across at lighting speed to the other end of the street before the next car and a few follow in his action. Then the people who crossed yell out "You can do it!" and "Just run for your life!" We make it across and my friend says "Ms.(censored) can you tell everyone what just happened didn't just happen? Because this could jeopardize your job as a art teacher." We all laugh and try to find the entrance.

There are 4...

each for a different type of group, visitor, staff, tour, group. We go to staff and ask the doorman is this the right section for a school group. "No, one more door down." We walk down and they say "no you need to go back to staff." So we go back and I notice that those metal grates on the sidewalk that are used to gather up rain are slippery . So I run toward one and slide across. I show my friends and we make it a sport. So I would slip across one then there would be a small brake to the next and I would 360 or grab my feet in the air and go to the next one (kinda like skate boarding and roller-blading combined). So staff tells us no you need to go 2 doors down to Group. SO AGAIN we walk ( I slide :D ) to an entrance and this time we got it right yay!!!!!!! :D

We put our coats away and meet our guide who shall be called F for now. I talk to F about the exhibits we will see. Alexander Calder and Andy Warhol are being shown today (Among the permanent galleries (plus it was before the public was allowed in so we had the place to our selves >:) ) the first thing we see is the Giant wall of cows printed in pink and yellow .
I took a picture because I knew Middle likes cows :3 .

So we continue and me and my teacher see this extraordinary piece of art that is lines that are just ... I cant describe it but newspaper comics were cut in this shape that looked so amazing and then put on a sheet of glass. The comics were attached to each other flawlessly and seamlessly, it looked like a solid sheet of newspaper.
Then we look at a Picasso still life called Green Still Life, *rolls eyes * as you can imagine it was mostly green and very abstract. F told us about it and we talked about it and shared what we saw in it . I took a picture of a painting that was across the hall that I liked. It looked like a big Ball like Cinderella-esk .

Then we saw other still lifes and had to draw a still life of our own incorporating one piece from each other still life. We had 5 Min >.> not enough time. I did my best and my art teacher and F approved of it and I was satisfied. I also snuck a glance at The Creation Of The World. I didn't know the name at the time so I sketched it and called it "Boy playing with a balloon and a kite" ^-^. Next we went to the architecture section. The theme was "Chairs". There were all these different chairs and each reflected who the artist was, a modern outgoing person, a student, a old man etc... The next activity was we had to create our OWN chair. For this we had 3 min. I created 2, an egg shaped one and a fancy chair you would find in the queen's room ^-^ .

Big thing about me, I have a fear of heights. This museum was all about 7 floors with open walkways that looked down all 7 floors in a very open way. My friends said, "Youngest don't look down" to joke around I say "why?" I look down. 2 seconds later I fell to the floor and was scared out of my mind. My friends freak out and help me up and say " just look straight and at nothing else." They didn't mean to have me freak out >.<||| . We finish with Calder, and the let down of having the "Circus" not be in town T-T . Oh well. bb took me to see the "Calder Circus" when it was in town so I didn't mind too much. Now we were done with our tour. The plan RUN FREE. You could go anywhere in the museum you wanted to and eat at the cafeteria any time you wanted to but be back at the gift shop at 1:15 . BOOM flash back "DON'T EVER BE ALONE" I ask "Teacher? We wont ever be ALONE right?" "Oh no, that would be bad." A sigh of relief from bb right there. So I pair up with my Intelligent friend and we follow our teacher to the cafeteria. It was EXPENSIVE. I had a panini for $10 and a soda for $2.50. Our cashier thought we were all paying together so we had to re-order EVERYTHING. My friends followed me and got paninis but some got other food. One kid did the "kids" menu trick, 1 main course, 1 dessert course, one drink = 17.50 . His was 1/4 a regular size XD his dessert came first it was 2 brownies (that looked really fancy) 2 cookies and 2 biscotti. He ate 1/2 a brownie and a cookie and gave the rest ( on his own free will ) to everyone at the table. His main course was noodles with butter and salt. He hated it. So he paid $17 for something he hated while we pestered him about being a kiddie XD . My other friend got the roast chicken that was so gourmet looking that I said wow this place doesn't fool around. It was 6 perfect red potatoes piled together, a salad that had 4 pieces of chicken on top and a garnish and a sauce around the side . $10 . So I bail out of that place with my friend and we check out the exhibits and talk a lot about them . Best choice to ever to pair up with this kid any one else would have been "Wow this is boring " or "wow this is stupid" this kid was like "WOW that house model is awesome check out the rooms." Hallway was optical illusion based . One was so good we were like seeing it move on its own. So every time we passed it we would say "MAN I'M FREAKING OUT MAN!!!!" or " WOAH MAN THIS IS SOME GOOD STUFF" and we messed with how we looked at it we got close we backed out, we tilted our heads we crouched. So the day goes by AWESOME . So at 1:15 we get to the gift shop. This place SUCKS. You're like "OMG AN ART SHOP! THIS PLACE MUST HAVE EVERYTHING!" It has nothing and the stuff it does have is over priced. I had $ 11 on the nose to spend. I found an AWESOME notebook that was Japanese based. I said " OMG perfect" it was 10.95 . Foolish me . I'm rushed on line by my teacher who says we need to go fast. I'm about to pay when the total comes up ..... $11.85. I almost cried. I said "I'm sorry I didn't take the tax into consideration I cant buy it." I tell my teacher the sad story and she pays NO attention. I felt worse. Every one showing off their gifts . I feel worse. I get to the denial stage and say " I was probably never going to use it " so i felt worse. We take a class photo and I put a fake smile on. We go to the subway we get to the next train and on the way there I spy a man playing his guitar for money. I pass him and give him $5 and every one else joins in and gives him some money and he thanks us gratefully so I felt so happy I wanted to cry. We home and the day ends. A good day to be Youngest, miss a day of school, see art with an art class, chill with friends etc... bb wants to order me that note book I wanted but I insist that we don't. It's too much hassle for a note book i might never use *shrugs*

kid with a kite and <span class=

"The Creation of the World" aka " A boy playing with a kite and a balloon" by Miro.
I love it because the background is very Nine Inch Nails-ey. It reminds me of the album cover for With Teeth.


A wall that had a 3D painting of a kitchen. I liked it because it had both 3D and 2D.

hate it with a passion 2

A painting iHATE with a passion (part 1) "The Battle of The Fish" ( iHate I just coined a new ipod mac rip off XD )

This is scribble.
But scribble.
If I made a copy of this for a teacher who didn't know the original they would say, "I can't accept this."
My art teacher says "It's art and I get it ... but does it belong in a museum?"

Marilyn Monroe

Andy Warhol's famous Marilyn Monroe. Nuff said XD


A big rock . Who doesn't love a big rock. <3

perfect value scale

This was not part of a painting. The green was. But the shadow cast on it was so amazingly perfect I had to have it. This is the perfect Value scale :') a masterpiece of man.

creepy doll

A creepy doll my partner liked.

shovel and wheel

A wheel attached to a stool and a shovel hanging upside down. Now, I hate Simple art like "The Battle Of The Fish" but simple MODERN art I love. Like this. It is just amazing to think why the artist did this. What's was going through his head when he made this?

hate it with a passion 1

Painting I HATE with a passion part duos.
Once again scribble at its best, errr worse.
The only words in this crayon drawing (it might actually be crayon, it sure looks it) is "Italians" and "Roma" what do you think that means * makes a questioning face like he is saying " I told you so." *

white cabinet, white table

This I thought bb would enjoy. "White Cabinet and White desk."
This is a white painted cabinet and white painted desk that is covered and filled with egg shells.
My partner said "If I were a chicken and had to lay all those eggs, and that man didn't eat them before making this I would KILL him!!"

man, I'm freakin out


no clue

Old style cartoon. I like it alot.

golden fish

Indiana Jones and the Golden fish ....
its so awesome that such hard geometric shapes made a fish like that.


For Middle. Andy Warhol's printed cow on a HUGE WALL.


Andy Warhol did like 50 prints of Campbell's soups each with a different flavor.


The "Ball." I love it because inside this painting there are sections like big rectangles that go all the way down every like 3 inches and no lines cross over or continue to the next one so it looks like a optical illusion and a painting. It is simply magnificent. This is most noticeable (trying hard not to be vulgar) on the lady waring the purple dress' breast >.< it goes from a circle and half way through the circle goes to her corsage .

blue 2

This painting was awesome cause it was like smudged into that shape it reminded me of Japanese brush writing and stokes.

For some reason I can't get the text below this one. Ok this has a story to itself. There was a dark room that had two projectors. If you block one the room goes black and a word on the wall appears. If you cover the other the wall is blue with a different word on it. It was very profound saying many curses and many rude things about women >.< ( most in one word) So Girls came up and if you look closely you can see me pointing to it >:)


blue canvas

Painting I Hate with a passion part tré. "Blue."
The entire canvas is just blue. I joked to my friends and said "And now my favorite piece "The wall" and pointed to a blank wall. My art teacher said "This infuriates me. This is a joke this makes art a joke, I'm right with you on this one Youngest."

c<span class=

Alexander Calder's snowfall. A mobile of snow falling. It was magnificent to look at. The shadow looked great too!!

Thus ends our day at the Museum it was fun, scary, sad, and awesome and i got a free family pass to go back there so look forward to another post probably by bb ^-^


love Youngest.


Polgara said…
Buy him the notebook!
Great post, thoroughly enjoyed reading :0)
Badger said…
Oh yeah. I think you are getting the notebook whether you want it or not, Youngest.

That was an excellent report. I'm with you on the blue painting. At one of the art museums here there is a white painting. Just white canvas in a frame. My kids and I joke that it's a white cat in a cotton ball factory, or a polar bear in a snowstorm, or whatever. I mean, there must be more to it, right?

(Special note to bb: Two trains, a busy street crossing, and free run of the museum? I think I need a Xanax now.)
Birchsprite said…
Wow... I think Youngest needs his own Blog... this was a lovely post!
Anonymous said…
Holy Crap! I love youngest!

One question... did you help him with punctuation? Because he has the whole "punctuation inside of quotation marks" completely down... and that's amazing. Aside from many other amazing characteristics!
Anonymous said…
You have to love a day spent at MOMA. The Miro is actually called Birth of the World and I love that youngest gets it!! BUY HIM THE NOTEBOOK! I will buy him notebook :). What a great post and he is sweet beyond belief as teenage boys can be. There is something just wonderful about boys at that age.
blackbird said…
Although Youngest DID know that the Miro was called Birth of the World, he did not know that periods go INSIDE the quotation marks.
Eliane said…
Hey! I have been in that museum too!
Wow. Very impressive. Gotta love a boy that appreciates a good museum. I also know Avenged Sevenfold, one of my grown-up son's favorite bands. If my son had gone to the museum he would have said, "It was OK."
Saoirse said…
Don't grow up too fast, Youngest, but when you do, look into something in the writing field...

I think you've got a future there...
robiewankenobie said…
oh, Youngest! Thank you most especially for the mobile. I had never seen it before. Love. Love. Love it.

Also? I love the fact that you mooned all over the gift shop hoping that teacher would help you with a couple of bucks for the notebook, but won't let bb get it for you now. Hilarious.

alice c said…
Somebody should send the Museum a link to that piece. Then they can use it as a guide for cool people.

Deep respect, Youngest - I bet your ma is running scared of the blog competition now.
Amy A. said…
Youngest, you're awesome. I wonder where you get it from. ;D
Anonymous said…
You obviously got mom's blogging/reviewing DNA. This was better than any professional art review I've read. Seeing the museum through your 13 year old eyes was a gift.

I so need to get you to hang out with my soon-to-be 13 year old. You could show him that it's okay to appreciate the finer things with someone other than his mom. :)

I look forward to your next post!

Wow, I feel like I've been given this amazing gift of insight into Youngest's brain. Smart guy, funny guy, insightful guy, creative guy -- What else would you expect from the son of Blackbird?
MsCellania said…
I love you, Youngest!
TheOneTrueSue said…
Wow, very cool. I'm such an idiot about art - so it was great to hear what Youngest thought about the different pieces. Fascinating.
RW said…
How refreshing a read!
Geggie said…
I love the MOMA!

BB, I think you should visit www.moma.org for the online store for that notebook.
Anonymous said…

The best part is how he sizes up his peers and decides that the ones trying too hard to be cool and hate everything would be the worst ones to hang with.

It took me a lot longer to figure that out.
Anonymous said…
bb- sounds like you've got quite a fabulous 13 year old there! talented writer, art appreciator,shrewd judge of character,etc,etc...what a great kid!

Anonymous said…
Youngest totally gets art -- what is art and what is just pretentious posturing. And he gets people; I love that he chooses the intelligent kid for his friend. He is amazing. But I should not be surprised; look at his parents :)

I got to [finally] visit MOMA last spring when we came to NYC to see my older son graduate from NYU. My blog post about it was not nearly as exuberant, although it did have more photos.
Nora :) said…
*clapping for Youngest!*
might I add...? said…
Loved this post. I'm seconding (or thirding or whatever) the motion to have Youngest start a blog. I want to go to the museum, too! Woohoo, Youngest! You guys have totally got the creative writing/blogging, etc. thing going in your family.

Question: the "Calder circus" ... ? I saw a movie once at a Calder exhibit of him putting on this circus with the little animals maybe back in the '50s. Very cool. Is that what you mean? Or have I missed some other really cool stuff?
Pretty Things said…
I love the 3D kitchen, the White Cabinet, and the Calder! Very cool
blackbird said…

Thank you for the comments. I don't know about the youngest blog school life isn't anything like my art class . My teacher says that if she picked any other class to do this with it would have been a udder disaster. My teacher also JUST called my house to praise me about how i was insightful, energetic etc etc... so I don't think I should have a blog i would forget to update every other day >.>

KEEP READING SAY LA VI and maybe i should have the notebook *ponders*
Terese said…
Thank you, Youngest. You rock!!!
Anonymous said…
Great story, Youngest! We were looking at Warhol and Calder at the same time!!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for a wonderful post. It made my day. Heidi
Anonymous said…
Dude, if you have to write a report on the museum, tell your teacher I said you get an A+.

The photo of the shadow under the picture - you are SO cool!
Sarah Louise said…
Very fun. I adore Calder's work.

Thanks for contributing to NaPoBloMo, Youngest!!

The emoticoms were fun, i'd never seen XD before.


Caterina said…
This made me laugh & smile. And appreciate art, of course. Thank you Youngest!

I got almost all the emoticons except XD ???
Anonymous said…
Youngest, you are the best!

Thanks for a fresh perspective and for getting that the shadow cast on the wall was far more interesting than "scribbles" and "just blue."

If I had been at the gift shop when you were I SO would've fronted you the 85 cents!
jenny said…
I am art illiterate and loved your perspective, Youngest.

My favorite part? The subway station at the end of the day.

That's some boy you've raised there, bb.
Anonymous said…
Actually, I have more to say! Youngest, we share a similar perspective wrt art. Loved your post, and was relieved after scrolling through each pic to read that you loved the ones you loved and despised the ones you despised. !!

Very nice post.
KPB said…
1. That was like dinner and a show!

2. I'll buy him the notebook.

3. Favourite lines:
The greatest thing about my friend is he is a dying race of guys who can have a intellectual conversation with out spoiling it

while I'm saying in my head and out loud "this is the part where Youngest gets scared and freaks out." I stood WAY close to the walls by the platform and never let my teacher out of my sight.

I pass him and give him $5 and every one else joins in and gives him some money and he thanks us gratefully so I felt so happy I wanted to cry.

4. I think perhaps that Felix and Youngest were separated at birth... I know you know what I mean

5. Next time can he provide a key with explanations for all the keystroke emotion thingies he uses?
Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing your field trip with us, Youngest. You are an insightful, courageous, and honest writer. I liked especially that you told us your thoughts and your feelings about the day, because it really rounded out the reading experience. I felt so happy and a bit tearful right along with you when the guitar guy expressed his gratitude. I was struck by your willingness to give following your own disappointment at not being able to buy the notebook. My own youngest just wandered by and asked if I was reading a sad blog. "No, it's a happy one."

I hope you stop by again some time.

Anonymous said…
in love with your emoticons :)

definitely taking you to the museum with me next time I visit.
Fannie said…
What everyone else said, AND you know how to choose friends wisely.
Unknown said…
Youngest, perhaps a video art tour? Have you ever seen the Nun who discusses art? It was on PBS for awhile. She lives in a caravan which is what they call recreational vehicles in Great Britain. You have discriminating tastes. Love the mix of art with music (interdisciplinary). Art and artists do not live in solitude. They're all mixed together with the rest of us. Great post. Thank you for sharing.
Anonymous said…
I am speechless, you are amazing.
BB and K must be REALLY proud.
Poppy B. said…
The pictures and the thousand words?

Very cool.
Alice said…
So lovely.
Art museums AND youngest, how do we get so lucky?

Next time I visit, I'm dragging you back there, end of discussion.
I'll reward you with ice cream or something lovely (better then a damn notebook, though that's pretty cool too).

Really, just so lovely.
Stephanie said…
I loved reading about your day, youngest. Thanks for sharing him, bb.

(I'm so glad I have a son...)
Emery Jo said…
What a cool kid.