I should close the comments.
I know that 20 (or so) of you are going to write 'feel better soon' comments, and I can't stand the attention.
I am actually going to the doctor today. My head has felt like cement for a couple of weeks and although my cough is pretty much gone, I'm starting to feel stupid from the congestion.

Examples of the stupid:

I ordered at least two different kinds of Christmas cards from two different places on the internet. I have no idea where or when I placed the orders and seem to have not received confirmation emails about either. Where did I order cards from? When will they be here? how long do I wait before assuming I imagined the whole thing and order more cards?

I have four boxes of gifts which need to be shipped overseas. Are the addresses I need here in the house? On my laptop at the ashram? In my emails on my external hard drive?

We are being offered a lump sum of money from a competing auto manufacturer to relinquish the Volvo Of Doom early and lease one of their cars. I like one of their cars very much. There are four months left on the lease for the VOD. Do I let them buy me out of the lease? Is Volvo going to charge me a fortune for the ding on the door and chip in the windshield just to stick it to me for not leasing a new VOD? Can I figure this out?

Where is my shipment from Target? I need one item from it to complete my package to Tokyo and it is listed as due here any time from the 25th to December 1st. Why?

How is it that I was locked out of my Flickr account for three hours the other day?

What am I wearing to the christening on Sunday?

Do I have enough prescription nose spray or should I ask the doctor for more? What about the cough pills I like and need only once a year?

Why did I wear capri pants, short white socks and my crocs yesterday? With my winter coat?
I looked like the bottom half of me was going clamming.

I feel like there is so much to keep track of right now and it's only going to get worse. The boys are about to begin the mad crush of church and school rehearsals for concerts, I don't know where the Christmas cards are and I need to start making lists. Which neighbors get home made breads? (note to me: don't forget the new neighbors three doors down)

Don't feel too badly for me, I suspect that a couple of days of antibiotics will clear it all up.


Good god -
when I start writing about my sinuses YOU KNOW IT'S NEARLY THE END OF NANOBLOME.


Geggie said…
I have done the same thing with the cards. Annoying, huh?

On the VOD, go and find out what will happen if you turn it in early. With the "buyout" cover everything? Sounds like a good deal.

Get the perscriptions! It's the way to ensure that you won't need them. You know, the old "go to the ladies' room and your food will arrive" theory.

Fell better!
Okay, lets talk about capris in November. The only good thing about Northern winters is that you can stop shaving your legs and no one can see how white your legs are. Embrace the long pants already!
Eliane said…
Thanks, I was just ruminating the fact that all I do is one big string of mistakes. Everything everything everything I do meets criticism. Drawings, dinners, remarks, opinions, blood test results, renovations, it goes on and on. But I don't have a cold! Not that anyone appreciates that... (even typing in your crazy word went wrong)
KPB said…
The fact you looked like you were going clamming and that it was only half of you going sums it up perfectly.

I know exactly what you mean about the whiney, wingey, mopey post and the attention in comments, and yet those comments can sometimes be the oxygen that lick the flames back to life, but still it makes you cringe a little? Yeah, I get that totally.

It's only when you start talking about your cat that I'll be telling you to cease and desist.

And for some bizarrely perverse reason I find the state of your sinuses to be compelling.
alice c said…
If you were one of my students I would tick you off for wearing short trousers and crocs. In the winter! You will catch a cold! already have one...well, that proves that I am right.
BOSSY said…
Bossy will absolutely not tell you to feel better. She will in fact say nothing. La la la. Nothing said, here.
Stephanie said…
haha! clamming!
Anonymous said…
Because of Badger, I had one window open watching the Ramones do the song "I wanna be sedated" while I was reading your blog. They went together well (that's a complement to you though it might not look like one). That pretty much sums up what I feel about the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's. There's too much frenzy, too much to do. Who can keep track? Not me.

Bah humbug, and I hope you feel better soon.
Hot tea, chicken soup, lots of rest.

Then, once you're feeling better, make lists and do things methodically, one by one.

Hang in there.
Nora :) said…
Sinus infections make me stupid (or, stupider, if that's possible, or even a word). Last year at this time, I was working on my fourth one and my house and personal life were in complete chaos, never mind the season and its inherent weirdness. I hope the antibiotics kick in soon.
Annagrace said…
Maybe you WERE going clamming...who can say if you're not remembering much?
tut-tut said…
Oh, I ordered a calendar from somewhere on the Internet. Like you, I know not where.

Throw some brandy into your tea and call it a day.
TSintheC said…
Mulled wine.
Anonymous said…
I won't tell you I hope you feel better, because I know you're sick of hearing that, but I will tell you that I don't think you ordered your cards from us, if that's any help! Not a single order from Tuvalu this year...
Caterina said…
This must have felt good to let it out and type it all down. I need to do this.

(See, that was get well wishes)
KPB said…
Now look, you're at 15 comments and I don't think anyone has done that awful ((((((hugs))))))) thing once.