the ashram

My computer was working for about 40 minutes yesterday.
A "genius" was kind enough to do a re-start procedure whilst K and Middle attended a special one on one session with another Apple pro to learn more about Motion.
Turns out that Middle could have taught the one on one session on Motion (the pro's words, not mine) but they brought back a functioning computer, so all was not lost.
For 40 minutes.

At some point, downloading some photos of my picturesque garden, the laptop refused to open Firefox and it was all down hill from there.
Fortunately, K had made an appointment back at the "genius" desk for me for today and off we went.
Today's genius, a small quiet man, worked for a while to re-start the poor thing and then resorted to wiping my hard drive.
It's always scary when people talk about wiping hard drives, but K had backed up my information yesterday, during that all-important 40 minutes.
It would seem, the genius told me, that the logic board is shot. And my hard drive may have a fault, and I'm missing one of my little rubber feet, and my left speaker is blown.
All is not lost as my Applecare is in effect until January -- and so it was wrapped in bandages and taken away.
When I told him I felt like they were sending it to the hospital he said, softly: no, it's going to the ashram.
And who couldn't use a week in the ashram, I ask you.
The Bird family certainly could benefit from a stay.
We've all been flu-ish and hacking for weeks. Taking turns with sprays and drops and remedies.
And, although I never really take stock of these things, it's been one hell of a year here in Tuvalu, so the idea of checking in to a place of peace is somewhat appealing.

Dinner with friends, tomorrow, promises to be relaxing as we aren't doing the cooking.

I'm still trying to find a moment to show you the garden....


tut-tut said…
Have a wonderful time with your friends. It seems you could use a relaxing, convivial time.
Anonymous said…
We have the gold snow down here too. Isn't it beautiful? They all came down in the last 3 days.

I hope you all feel better.
scarlettm said…
My computer crashed last week while on a business trip - I completely empathize. And husband has the beginnings of a cold. We must be on parallel planes.
alice c said…
If I could reach out and hug you - I wouldn't dare to. So I am sending positive karma - even though it has a long way to travel - it seems safer because I know how you feel about Personal Space.
MasterM lost the hard drive on his laptop just after he had loaded all his photos from a summer in South Africa. It was a hard lesson for a 16 year old.
Eliane said…
Lately it seems that everyone who is taking remedies can't get rid of their flus. Or the other way around. Now I never take anything, even when I am flu-ish. And I can't even remember my last one (touch wood).
Mary said…
Gold snow - how beautiful.

Thank you for posting the anthropologie photos - the styling is beautiful.

And I am wishing you peaceful moments - gazing at golden snow.
The small quiet computer guy is a philosopher. I think that's a good thing.
Unknown said…
Who couldn't use a week in the ashram? I know I sure could...

I think I better back up my laptop, today, though. It's probably time. Thanks for the reminder.
Anonymous said…
I'll confess my ignorance: what's gold snow? Although it sounds lovely, at least as much as ashram.
Don't we ALL need that.
So sorry about the laptop.
might I add...? said…
First of all, you are married to a genius, who would remember to do the backup while the computer is up!

Secondly...gotta love AppleCare!

Thirdly, when you upgrade to Leopard (highly recommended!), you'll be able to use Time Machine to do these very cool automatic backups hourly. (OK, not that I've hooked up my computer to the external hard drive yet, but I do have a few things on my plate currently. And besides, how does one hook up an external hard drive to a laptop for hourly backups anyway? Isn't the point to not have to be hooked up to anything?)

And finally, can I tell you how many times I re-read your post after reading these comments wondering where I missed the reference to "gold snow"? Embarrassing.
Julie said…
Ugh. I too have had the experience of walking up to the genius bar with my iBook in my arms saying "Please. Help my baby".

It is a heart sinking feeling when you send them away, but then they come back all healthy.

Thank goodness for Applecare.