are there any engineers out there?

Sometimes it's like Edison's lab around here -

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Testing recipes, trying recipes, writing out recipes...for a project we are putting together.
And then again, sometimes we are all James Dyson.

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Middle has a stunning idea for a washer/dryer that I KNOW Mr. Dyson would be interested in developing. Get him on the line, would you?
Oldest is always full of ideas: a cigarette vending machine which makes it impossible for minors to purchase them, a type of filter for engines....

But what do people do with the little things they invent? The ideas they have?
Who do they go to?
This has always been a mystery to me, along with how the electricity actually comes THROUGH the wires and how run-flat tires work.

Do other families sit around discussing their inventions or am I living with a bunch of weirdos?


My boys are always busy - always thinking.
Middle is writing and filming a project for his Literature class -

Picture 12

He and Youngest have begun preparing their solos for the spring music competition,


and there is a constant stream of music, ideas, and projects flowing through my house.
It's an interesting time.


Unknown said…
Sounds like fun. My husband was like that. First you have to get a patten (sp?), so you have to do a search to make sure that no one has pattened that idea first. I think pattens are published and access is free but it is time consuming and most people hire a lawyer. Maybe you folks should start a company (like a think tank company). Your lucky your family is so engaged with possibilities.
Badger said…
We are all about the new inventions ovah heah. DH just got his first patent award at work -- woo!
Saoirse said…

I guess my house is similar.

Similar IF you consider similar being totally the opposite!

When my son last came home from college (to do his laundry), he tripped over my PATENT leather flats, so, I guess you could say that, combined with the constant stream of laundry flowing all over my basement, constitutes a somewhat similar situation!

Seriously, though, I LOVE those pictures. Do you remember the movie, Chepaer by the Dozen, with Clifton Webb, who portrayed the father of (obviously) 12 children--he was an efficiency expert (based on a true story, real person--Frank Gilbreth). Anyway.. loved that picture and those times and the pictures you posted reminded me of that. (rent the movie--you'll like it, I think)
Joke said…
The problem is that nobody at Chez blackbird is arrayed in itchy, ill-fitting three-piece-suits.

Get them to wear this sort of apparel, and the patents fairly leap off the trees onto your lap.

Dang. I bet you genius' are sorely underpaid too.

I, like Oldest, have a brilliant cigarette idea (except mines not about protecting minors, its about making money) and I looked into patenting it. Turns out you mostly just need "Patent drawings" or a working prototype. As a artist I'm thinking either of those things would be easy to crap out. Then, in five years when the cigarette companies come out with this product (cause I know they will) they'll have to buy the patent from ME. WHAHAHAHAHAHA. UNDERPAID GENIUS, at your service.

Anyhow. Tell Oldest to start drawing!
alice c said…
Watch out! James Dyson is so HOT on patents that you may already have committed an infringement by breathing near a picture of him.
Anonymous said…
I think you're lucky. Becasue creative people means lively, fun, interesting, hip people.
And how couldhey be otherwise...
Birchsprite said…
Strangely enough I once did some archaeology work in Mr Dysons garden... he was dredging out an 18th c canal that he has at the bottom of his garden... I didn't get to meet the man though
Keetha said…
What an extraordinary household!
My household consists of my dog, my cat who largely lives in my closet, and me. We do not traffic in inventions or creative ideas here. Unless you count pondering how to work more french fries into our diets, which the three of us are all about.
Anonymous said…
If you find a way to get your inventions going--let me know. I have a brilliant idea for an apartment-friendly clothes-washing machine and assorted peripherals.
Barbra said…
Sounds like a wonderful state of affairs!
Geggie said…
We're always talking about what we'd invent, too.

But, I'm really annoyed by Donny Deutch and his inventors shows.

I tagged you for a meme, I hope that you'll play.
She She said…
You're very lucky. It sounds like an interesting place to grow up.
My word, Tuvalu is just full of creative genius. I love it.
Paula said…
If you find out let me know because I have an idea that would make a buck or two.
Amy A. said…
I hate it when I have a great idea and then a few years down the road someone starts selling MY idea.

I know there are invention companies who supposedly help creators put out their ideas but they all look like scams to me. If you find something legit be sure to tell us.
Anonymous said…
husband holds about 4 or 5 patents and is always working on more.
He's the house tinkerer, but I am the one who comes up with the way to streamline processes. We're a good team.
Mary said…
I'd just like to hang out there for a day - you know , just drinking coffee and listening to your three boys.

In a benevolent Australian aunt sort of way.
TheOneTrueSue said…
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Anonymous said…
Here's to creative genius! Josh is constantly inventing shit in his brain and then getting pissed when it turns up in stores a few years later.