8:10 am

My morning coffee (decaf) is perfect.
The espresso pot makes just enough for me to have half a cup. I never drink a full mug of coffee so this is the perfect amount.
It's hot when I pour it - this was not always the case when I came downstairs to a pot brewed earlier and left on the warmer, and I can add foamed half and half if I want to pretend I am at a coffee shop.

Middle is the only one of our kids who likes coffee (caf) and I so rarely know what kinds of things he enjoys that it is a treat to make him a cup.

I think coffee, like alcohol, is something people teach themselves to like.
Oldest would love to enjoy wine and coffee but seems not to have a taste for either. Of course, he would never admit this, but he never asks for coffee or buys himself a cup and I am forever pouring out the wine he has asked for at dinner.

Youngest says he will never drink either. Youngest has very strict views. I don't imagine he will change his mind, not that I care, but it is interesting to me that he is so serious on the topic.

I made No-Knead bread yesterday. I had read a quick version of it on the internet somewhere and I applied some of the principles to the recipe I use. Instead of dusting with flour at certain intervals I rubbed oil on the dough. It was much easier to handle, made less of a mess in the kitchen and the crust is golden and crispier.

I have finished Christmas shopping for everyone but the boys. We have been working on a project for our extended families since last winter and I chose the same gifts for the boy cousins and the girl cousins. I do, however, need to come up with a special birthday present (mid December) for my goddaughter. In the past I have gotten her a gift card for clothes at one or another store - but this year I'm thinking of a handbag or gift card at Zappos. We'll see.

All three boys know what they'd like for Christmas so, at this point, it's a matter of budget.
Oldest would like accessories for his dirt bike.
Middle (whose birthday is 12/7) is thinking of combining gifts and asking for a camera, and Youngest would like a tablet. The only problem with asking for a tablet is that (as I understand it) the cheaper ones are no good and the expensive ones are very difficult to learn to use.
K will take Middle and Youngest to a place in town to look at cameras and pallets and try to figure it all out.

K is busy working on a video project with a very tight deadline. He doesn't mind working under those conditions but it does mean 12 hours a day in his "office."

I can hear the dining room clock ticking and I'd like to go back to bed.
It's not in the cards.


alice c said…
We are on the camera trail too for a birthday on 2/12. We are thinking Canon because it has such good reviews.
And WHAT is a pallet in Tuvalu?? It is a wooden tray for warehouse delivieries here and there aren't many teenage boys aspiring to them for Christmas.
blackbird said…
TABLET. Youngest wants a tablet.
Okay then, what's a TABLET?

And you're nearly done with your shopping? That's excellent! Do you guys do stocking stuffers too?
Birchsprite said…
I'd recommend Canon... I love mine!
Anonymous said…
Can you explain the allure of decaf coffee? It's lost on me, why coffee would appeal to someone who doesn't want the wake-up feature.

blackbird said…

Caffeine and I don't agree.
Anonymous said…
You always open new horizons for us all...I had NEVER heard of a tablet other than medication and I was SURE it wasn't that.
Picturing K in his "office" makes me smile. With happiness.He appeared one of those man, like mine per say, who absolutely can't sit still.
Your boys are so clever.
Unknown said…
I am just trying to get through Thanksgiving. I haven't even thought about Christmas. My son's birthday is DEC 1 and he's given me a list. Its so hard for me to get out there and actually do anything with Thanksgiving looming.
Amy A. said…
Back to bed sounds good, but since I just ate lunch, I don't think it's gonna happen.

Good for you for taking some of the stress out of the Christmas season by getting it done early.
Geggie said…
I don't drink much caf either. I'm already too hyper. I really love a cuppa after a nice meal or with dessert, not so much in the morning. I rarely drink it. Mostly tea.
Mary said…
I love christmas. I love reading about everyones plans and presents and traditions.

I look forward to reading more about yours and of course Thanksgiving too.
Anonymous said…
I haven't even started to THINK about Christmas presents...
TheOneTrueSue said…
I've tried to like during a rebellious period in my teens (coffee is something people in my church are supposed to stay away from - not for health reasons, just because - covenanty type of thing. ANYWAY), but it made me want to puke. Horrible. The only thing that tastes worse is beer. It's what I imagine urine would taste like, frankly.

My girls want MyTwin dolls. They're around a hundred bucks each. Not happening. I don't mind spending $100, but not on a doll that will have marker all over it's face in a few weeks. Maybe when they are older.
So funny how you get impressions of people online. bb definitely struck me as a caffeine kind of a gal.
Caset said…
I'm incredibly impressed that you're already ready for christmas. i've only just started scoping out presents/craft fairs where i can possibly get said presents.

I'd go with the zappos gift card for your god daughter - hand bags are wonderful things, but everyone i know is rather picky regarding pocket, color, size, etc, and with a gift card, she can get a bag if she wants, too! i'm just thinking of not so me handbags i've received from godparents/aunts in the past, though i'm sure you're much more stylish than them!
Anonymous said…
Blackbird drinks decaf. My world view has been shaken.
MizMell said…
I have just begun Christmas shopping. And I still have the Christmas sewing to get through! But exams are slated for Dec 10, so I will get it all done.
Anonymous said…
My younger wants a tablet, too. Wanna go halvsies?
Stephanie said…
I've been wanting to make that bread since last year. I vow to this year and will remember your oil trick. thanks.