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For the life of me, I cannot update on twitter. I can sign in, I can read other twits, but my update button is not clickable.
Between twitter and NaBloPoMog, there are just too many places for me to update y'all.
(Like that casual use of the word y'all? Or is it a phrase?)

What's been going on, you might be wondering. Or not.

Youngest has been given permission to resume normal activity.
The surgeon mentioned some minor complications that could develop and, because it's Youngest we are talking about, we need to watch him a little bit over the next few months. As we were leaving the parking lot of the doctor's office Youngest said: Well, you can bet that if there are complications to be had, I'll be having them!
But I tend to think he's going to be just fine.
Or we'll have to run him to the hospital! Who knows!
He had his flu shot and meningitis vaccine yesterday and had 102 temperature this morning.
What a ride.

I love the surgeon who cares for him and at our appointment I was finally able to meet the nurse to whom I spoke several times a day during his recovery. And what did I spy on her wrist after we hugged? THE BRACELET I GAVE PAOLA IN NAPLES.
There are no coincidences you know.

K's professional video camera (I'm sure it has a more technical name) has crapped out. It will be a major investment to replace it, but it must be done. We were amazed to realize that this camera has served him well for ten years, if you had asked me I would have said he's owned it for three. It's been repaired a few times but it's time to update the technology.

I have to tell you, it's cheaper to purchase two roasted chickens from our local market (Alice in Ct!) than it is to purchase one raw chicken and roast it ourselves.

We are on a risotto kick. On the second day K rolls the risotto into arancini and we feast on them.

Isn't Betsy Badass a good name for a blogger/commenter? Don't you wish she would register an email address SOMEPLACE so that I can communicate with her?
Do you, as readers, want me to reply to your comments?
I have no life outside the internet, so I have plenty of time to do so - but it's so frustrating to not find an email address for people who are witty or inquisitive.

Why do you suppose, after we make at least two trips to the supermarket for our dinner, we always discover that some essential ingredient has been forgotten? Never mind. It's a rhetorical question.

Note to Gabe: classes are cancelled (in Tuvalu) when the teachers are absent. Our district doesn't hire subs for one or two classes and this often leaves Middle with lots of free time on his hands. Does he use this for studying? NO.

Bee skeps, for those wondering, are baskets made of coils of grass or straw. In the simplest form, there is a single entrance at the bottom of the skep. There is no internal structure except what the bees build themselves. They are placed in gardens. (I think I lifted that from wikipedia.) I don't really have a garden so mine is on the armoire.

K got molten chocolate cake for his birthday, Jeannie-who-doesn't-have-an-email address.

ScarlettM, the scarf I'm admiring is from Hermes.

Finally, I'd like to thank you all for not kicking my ass about the smoking thing.
Your comments surprised me.
You are good friends.


I love when you discuss all sorts of things in one post. Sort of a collage of your life, as opposed to a snapshot.

I would hope no one would kick your ass about the smoking thing. You opened your heart and we're all here as friends. I wouldn't read your blog if I didn't e-like you. :-) And I know it's my e-friends who get me through some days.
Anonymous said…
I too like the collage post. It's a female thing, I think -- we are all juggling a few dozen balls and like to hear how others are managing that same task.

And I would love it if you would reply to comments if you felt so inclined.
Anonymous said…
I was a little surprised that no one got preachy with you about the smoking. Your readers are fond of you, obviously.

I don't even understand the part about the subs and canceling classes. If a teacher is sick, there's just no class that day????
MizMell said…
Thanks for the bracelet link!

I always appreciate your frank honesty ( and eccentricity!) which is probably why I visit.

Wouldn't it be great if the world were honest? I smile just at the mere thought..
Anonymous said…
Maybe I should wear that bracelet EVERY SINGLE DAY.
After the kitchen still not fixed, after the fridge which DIED, this morning the washing machine stopped.
Woo doo anyone???????
I'm depressed, disgusted, tried and SCARED.
TSintheC said…
We love you, we love the whole damn Blackbird family.

Anyone who says y'all and cusses as much as I do? I consider a friend.
islaygirl said…
i understand about the smoking. i think we (collectively) spend so much time being 'good' and taking care of those around us that something like that is necessary to keep our lives in balance. mine is dietCoke. Which doesn't sound like a terrible thing, until you hear how much of it i drink, and then i feel like no one will be surprised when the NutraSweet rots my brain.
Anonymous said…
Sigh--never replied to, even with a workable email address and clicakble blog addy...

KPB said…
I ADORE the little conversations we have that come from me leaving a comment. ADORE. LOOK FORWARD TO. MISS when you're away or holidaying or some such.

I blink and there are three new posts? WT?

The smoking thing was a complete curve ball. Didn't see that coming from anywhere. It was like the time you mentioned you have a dog. I know you will stop when you are ready. Because you are smart 'n all. But it worries me that you do. Not because of what smoking does to you, as we all know about all of that and it's ominous and scary. But because of why you are.

And how I wish I was close so we could do things together or talk or something so that the smoking didn't even occur to you.

I'm about to apply for a couple of jobs with a more publishing vein to them.
Anonymous said…
As a public health professional and your SIL I feel the need to weigh in on the smoking issue. I really appreciate the support you have from your readers and friends in the blog world. It is obvious how much they care about you. I believe that many of their comments, such as you’ll quit when you’re ready, were truly meant to be supportive and that they wish you the best. However some of the comments as well as the overall message that the comments send, disturbed me. Sometimes in our attempts to support a friend we say things we don’t really mean or realize but these words, especially on a public forum, can take on a life of their own. I’d like to mention a few facts about both smoking and quitting:

1. There really is no worse vice out there, from a health perspective. Smoking is number 1 when it comes to mortality. It is true that a lot of the other vices that were mentioned can also have devastating health effects but not in comparison with smoking.
2. Nicotine is highly addictive. More so than heroin. So all your ex-smoker readers who mention still craving cigarettes are 100% correct. However, it is generally not helpful, and often harmful, to reminisce about the “good” parts of smoking with someone who is trying to quit or contemplating quitting.
3. Since smoking is so addictive it is incredibly difficult to quit. One of the best indicators of success is having attempted to or actually quit in the past. This means all of the previous times you quit make it HIGHLY LIKELY that you will successfully quit again. And yes, going cold turkey, is the most common and effective method.
4. There are no “safe” cigarettes. Deeply inhaling smoke into your lungs is bad for your health, end of story.
5. Nicotine is a stimulant. That means, as a drug it does not “relax” you. However the feeling of relaxation is in response to the addiction. In other words, your body becomes stressed by the need for the drug and getting the drug relieves that stress.
6. Yes nicotine is a drug.

I commend your readers for supporting you and I would like to support you as well. I believe the fact that you posted about this subject in the first place is an indication that you are contemplating quitting. I would encourage you to recognize the strength you’ve already shown by quitting in the past and by publicly discussing this issue. I believe this strength will eventually enable you to quit smoking for good. Please give it a try.

I'm sure this comment sounds very "preachy" and I'm sorry if that turns anyone off, but it is a subject I find incredibly important.

Anonymous said…
I have actually had a blog since the first year they put them up. But it was never a public thing. Now I have been contemplating doing that. I moved 5-6 years worth of archives to a private place and am thinking of it. I would leave the story about how I accidentally boiled the kids turtles on Thanksgiving one year.

No SUBS! What kid would NOT love that? But how about an aide or teacher with no class just, maybe, watching them study or read?? You know, all that stuff we pay school taxes for.

I love that your SIL lectured you in the comment section. Nick Nolte just had a baby and is busy changing diapers.
And I am babbling cuz my dog, the worlds coolest, laid down in the kitchen today and died. She was 12 and fabulous and now I have told strangers so maybe I AM ready to go blog public. Sigh. Her name was Moe by the way.
Anonymous said…
The smoking is pure stress relief right now. I know she'll quit when she's ready but we've had a hell of a year (and you all know only half of it.) We all have our vices. Mine's wine.

Yeah, it was preachy. Kind of like when I tell someone about high-def that doesn't care about the details of it. It looks great but nobody really cares about the nuances of 1080p. We're all very smart in our fields.

If you know bb, and you do, you'd read between the lines and see she knows it's bad for her and she needs to quit. She'll do it. When she's ready. Hopefully without getting her ass kicked in the comments section.

TheOneTrueSue said…
Hope Youngest is feeling better. Hope YOU are feeling better.