treasure from Paris

Isn't it nice to have friends far away?
You can plan trips and meetings and send presents back and forth...
Why did Irene send me treats? I don't remember - but I'm guessing she thought we needed a little lift. And what did she send?

soap bright

Wonderful soap for me from L'Occitane. I think we are all aware of how much I love soap.


My most favorite gum. Hollywood gum. LOTS AND LOTS OF HOLLYWOOD GUM.
I'm trying not to chew like a cow.


kinder surprise

Kinder Surprises for the boys. They are chocolate eggs with toys inside them.
And there is a whole Kinder Surprise world on the internet...

kinderworld on line

Who, you might wonder, is most tickled by the teeny helicopter Kinder toy and the itsy bitsy Kinder boy with a guitar?

kinder toy

Irene and her family are trying to plan a vacation near Tuvalu - and I'm so excited at the idea of meeting them that I could squeal.


Wendy said…
A visit - how fun!!

And I think we'd all pay to hear you squeal.
tut-tut said…
That Irene is a gem . . .
Unknown said…
It appears you need a trip to Boston sometime in the future. We have L'Occitane here in the Pru. The Girl just bought me some incredible soaps there for a pick-me-up.

We also have KinderSurprise eggs in the Russian grocery store right here in my village. I'm always so surprised to find that people find them hard to get.

I don't know about the Hollywood gum tho. We don't chew much gum in our house. Gum doesn't do well with constant headaches.

But what a nice gift to get in the mail. Really... perfect!
Anonymous said…
heehee, I was worried because I couldn't find anything for Oldest. now I'm happy :)

and if you do squeal, does that mean that I could hug you???????????
Sarah Louise said…
squealing sounds like a good thing.
Bell said…
So I know I am about a year and a half late to the soap party, but... super sud is the greatest soap on earth! My mother buys it every time we go to Jamaica and it lasts forever. There is no stain it cannot remove, trust me, I know of what I speak.