television programs I have never seen, part too

I was channel surfing the other night and this is what I didn't watch.

Kid Nation - I've never seen a moment of it, but I can tell you that it gives me the creeps.
I'm not even sure I know the premise but I can only imagine it being all Lord Of The Flies.
As none of my children would survive that kind of situation, I can't watch it.

Most Outrageous Moments - Most outrageous moments where? Why do I want to see them? I'm guessing each and every clip features someone getting hurt or scared or embarrassed. How did this turn into entertainment?

Dirty Jobs - I will confess to seeing a few minutes of this program at some point in the last year. In those few minutes I was able to ascertain that the guy in the show is going to have to scrape innards/sewage/rotted food/something dead off of something. No interest.

Cops - I don't know who is scarier, the police officers or the criminals.

When Animals Attack III - I don't like animals. I don't want to watch them attack.

Did I already post this? I can't tell - but I was away for a couple of days, so, since this was sitting in drafts, this is what you get....


robiewankenobie said…
have you caught a glimpse of pushing daisies yet? it is my one true love. a perky twin peaks of a show.
abrowncow said…
i love Dirty Jobs... well, mostly i love Mike Rowe (the host guy), he has such a great voice and goofy sense of humor. i got hooked on watching the alaskan crab fishing show because he narrates it. he used to be an opera singer or something like that. really really great voice.
Anonymous said…
Kid nation is far more interesting than Lord of the Flies and I am ever fascinated by how wise and mature these peeps are. Seriously.
there are one or two who need a time out, but the majority are very interesting.
Anonymous said…
I have to say I can easily get sucked into Dirty Jobs. Makes me thankful for my "clean" job.
Sarah Louise said…
I love the theme song to Cops. But then I turn it off.

Reality TV is scary stuff!